The Best Summer Destinations of 2022 for American Travelers According to Airbnb

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Over the past few weeks, US Airbnb has made important announcements – such as major platform updates and 100% telecommuting – and they are also sharing valuable information about the travel industry regarding traveler behavior and recent travel.

Coast with rocks and deep blue sea

On Wednesday, the company published highlights of Airbnb’s Summer 2022 release and shared Report highlights Airbnb summer travel trends 2022. According to data collected by the company in a recent survey, more than 9 out of 10 active users are considering travel this summer, and most of them go with family and are looking for “adventure”.

The company compiled the information gathered in the survey and analyzed thousands of monthly searches of its active users over the past few months, to share compelling travel data and reveal the best destinations for summer 2022.

cask sleeping for the night at a camping site in Germany

Airbnb is the best worldwide destinations for users around the world, trending to US destinations for US travelers, and trending international destinations for US travelers. The results showed that Italy is the preferred international destination for American travelers and Florida is the most popular state for summer travel this 2022.

The best summer destinations in the United States

Sandy beaches and emerald blue waters of Sol Handel in Destin, Florida

Airbnb has analyzed the behavior and preferences of American guests when using their platform to find vacation rentals in the US, and evidence shows that Americans look for sunny locations and beautiful beaches when it comes to local summer travel. These are the top 10 destinations that have been searched more than 10,000 times over the past few months:

  1. Walton County, Florida
  2. Cape San Blas, Florida
  3. Mexico Beach, Florida
  4. Fort Myers, Florida
  5. Stonington, Connecticut
  6. Cape Coral, Florida
  7. Forex, Washington
  8. Big Sur, California
  9. Four Corners, Florida
  10. Hampton Bays, New York

Florida is a favorite state to visit during vacations and the coastal cities overwhelm the interest of travelers.

Best International Summer Destinations for American Travelers

Glimpse of Chioggia from the arcades along the canals in Venice, Italy

Now that international travel has increased and more countries have eased restrictions related to COVID-19, travelers from all over the world are eager to explore and visit different cultures and landscapes. The Airbnb study reviewed sites with over 10,000 searches and shared the results for the top international destinations for summer 2022:

  1. Venice, Italy
  2. Nassau, Bahamas
  3. Capri, Italy
  4. Puerto Escondido, Mexico
  5. Tamarind, Costa Rica
  6. Quepos, Costa Rica
  7. Florence, Italy
  8. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  9. La Paz, Mexico
  10. Merida, Mexico

Italy has great summer weather, beautiful locations and a rich culture, and Americans know it. After Italy, Mexico remains the all-time favourite.

Best summer destinations for users around the world

Young female traveler enjoying a Mediterranean cruise on the back of a boat in Marmaris, Turkey

The American company has also considered the global interest from its users and Europe hosts the most requested sites for summer 2022 for Airbnb users. These cities also have more than 10,000 searches:

  1. Bodrum, Turkey
  2. Ibiza, Spain
  3. Villasimius, Italy
  4. Devon, United Kingdom
  5. Korcula, Croatia
  6. San Vito lo Capo, Italy
  7. Nîmes, France
  8. Maine, United States
  9. Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
  10. San Teodoro, Italy

A top destination worldwide, Brodum is a gorgeous medieval port city in Turkey, but Italy still hosts three of the most interesting locations for travelers around the world.

Airbnb study conclusions

From all this data, Airbnb came to multiple conclusions that made the company design new strategies on its platform and create new features to adapt to users’ needs, such as creating categories. The company noted that travelers not only want great locations but also unique menus, they want their travel experience to be as special as possible.

Small houses, domes, barns, and even tree houses aroused the interest of guests for both domestic and international travel. Despite the idea that international travel is much more attractive, American travelers also want to visit American destinations and more than half of the listings booked for summer through the app are in the United States.

Saadian Suite

Coastal locations are among Airbnb users’ favorites, but inland locations and sparsely populated villages are also on the rise. Travelers also seem to enjoy quiet family vacations away from the big crowds.

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