The best travel gear

Most parents never admit what they really want, or if they want something they buy right then and there. So, this Father’s Day time for Dad to raise and upgrade his favorite sportswear. For parents who enjoy the outdoors, or who just love staying active on vacation, we’ve got plenty of stylish, tried-and-tested ideas that are sure to hit the spot (and fit easily into any bag).

Filson Dry Sling Pack

Made of heavy-duty coated nylon and fitted with the same strong zippers used in wetsuits, the Filson Dry Sling Pack provides complete waterproof protection, even when fully submerged underwater. The small teardrop shape is smooth and light to carry. The extra wide single shoulder strap is padded for all-day comfort and designed to easily rotate for quick access. Along the way, exterior and interior pockets help keep everything organized, and exterior D-rings allow you to easily attach fishing gear or nets.

Duotone D / Lab Kite Juice

Duotone’s new Juice D/LAB is the lightest in the range (new fabric with new design reduces kite weight by up to 30 percent). As a result, handling and performance are significantly improved. Likewise, the kite generates massive amounts of energy with real acceleration in the top and bottom strokes, even in light air, making frustration in little winds possible.

Manera Kitesurfing Bag

The family-owned French brand develops high-quality watersports gear, and Manera makes all of its tablet bags from premium 600D polyester – a material that’s tear, UV, and water resistant. Heavy-duty 8mm zippers are built to last. Specifically, Wing slab bags come with a foil insertion system, designed to protect the slab while the mast is attached. It features high dough foam for protection and inside you’ll find Velcro instead of fasteners, so the board won’t get damaged.

Lululemon belt for quick and free running

Sleek and lightweight, this Lululemon running belt holds snacks, a phone, and other essentials so you can focus on your speed and shape. It is convenient (affordable) and does not bother you. The adjustable low waist belt features a buckle closure that matches the size of your waist. It comes in three colors – jet black, shock orange and camouflage. Each model has reflective details for safety after dark.

TOMMY Two Wheel Skate / Snowboard Duffel

The spacious, waterproof Tumi duffel interior holds a pair of standard skis or snowboards. In keeping with the brand’s detail-obsessed nature, the top pocket can be used as a wet pocket, while the bottom pocket slips in and accommodates essential gear. The two-wheeled structure means it glides through airports and ski lodges effortlessly; Additionally, the removable shoulder strap provides an alternative carrying option at all times. Last but not least, it’s carved from reinforced, abrasion-resistant fabric built to survive through adventure after adventure.

Master and dynamic active noise canceling headphones

Made of ceramic and stainless steel, Master & Dynamic’s MW08 wireless earbuds are designed for comfortable wearing. Gone are the “wings” of the balancer, which always appeared in the previous iteration. This time around, the earbuds themselves are small and light enough to stay in place, even when jumping and running. Active Noise Cancellation does more than just block out external noise. You can choose to set it to Max ANC when you’re somewhere very noisy, All Day ANC for extra quiet, Voice Ambient mode to allow for a conversation, and Awareness mode for times when you want some ambient noise.

Sharable Merfa Pause Quilt

Made of lightweight, water-resistant quilted Japanese nylon with ribbed merino wool cuffs, this lightweight Marfa Stance shareable comforter is a travel essential. Great for everyday use, this front zip jacket can be worn as a stand-alone piece or adapted to colder climates with the buttoned shearling lining. Likewise, it’s fully reversible, with working pockets on both sides, and can be converted using the brand’s range of modular covers and collars.

Metier Travel Backgammon

The Buffalo Leather Table Set by Metier is designed to be used and transported, and is expertly finished using the latest heat-sealing and inlay technology. They come with hand-sewn dice shakers and are designed to roll neatly so they can come with you on holiday. Handcrafted leather game pieces are housed in a dedicated zippered compartment, so you never have to worry about leaving anything behind.

Frescobol Carioca Beach Bat Set

Each pair of beach bats is handcrafted from several layers of sustainably sourced wood shredded, finished with blue neoprene handles. The resin coating resists wear from sea and sand. Fusing high-quality craftsmanship with fun, each collection is completely unique. To that end, Frescobol Carioca has partnered with the charity One Tree Planted, and as the name suggests, one tree is grown in Brazil with every purchase.

Garmin InReach Mini Handheld Satellite

From anywhere on the planet, the inReach Mini from Garmin is your go-to choice for maintaining off-grid connectivity. It’s a pocket-sized adventurous satellite communication device, allowing you to send and receive text messages, track and share your flight and, if needed, trigger an SOS alert to call our 24/7 emergency response team. You can send and receive your GPS location to anyone via text message or email (or else through the Reach Mini) and even get updated weather reports as you traverse your route. It is shockproof and waterproof, which means it is designed for use.

Brunello Cucinelli Padel and Tennis Bag

Designed for a day on the tennis court, Brunello Cucinelli’s bag is crafted from lightweight black nylon with smooth brown leather and embellished with a detachable paddle cover for style and ease. Functionality and attention to detail are at the heart of this piece, note also the detachable clever ball holder. Likewise, the lining is waterproof and durable.

Made in Italy in durable canvas with a zip cover and leather logo, the Brunello Cucinelli tennis ball case embodies Italian craftsmanship. Made of durable nylon with a water-resistant lining, this ball holder is an upscale way to keep up to three tennis balls safe.

Yeti Roadie Hard Color

The Yeti’s Roadie 24 Hard Cooler is an anomaly in that it’s 10 percent lighter than its predecessor but holds 20 percent more. It’s also tall enough to hold two bottles of wine but thin enough to squeeze behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat in the car. Founded by two brothers in 2006, Yeti has built a reputation for creating practical and durable coolers that stand the test of any adventure. Designed for the serious outdoor enthusiast, each design is inspired by an authentic first-hand experience.

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