The crazy story of absolute rock crap: Rick Walkman and King Arthur… on ice

Progressive rock in the mid-1970s has a reputation for pomposity, grandiosity, and excess across the board. Many of the names’ works of the time were guilty of the charges against them, but it is generally believed to be true, with one particular showing, a particular artist went further than anyone else: Legends and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Tableas presented over three consecutive nights in July 1975 at the Wembley Empire Pool (now Wembley Arena) by Rick Wakeman.

In addition to the same flaxen-haired ivory wizard, shimmering in Merlin’s robe and pointed hat – there, on the podium, ‘twixt keyboard piles in the custom-made castle -‘ the show, like the recently released album, showed off his six pictures – a powerful rock band English (ERE), narrator Terry Taplin, conductor David Meacham and the 46-man New World Symphony Orchestra (NWSO), Jay Protheroy, the 46-man English Chamber Choir (ECC), and eight-strong vocal group at Nottingham Festival.

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