The Flaming Lips on prog rock, drug and songwriting for six hours

Their song, bad daysFrom batman forever The soundtrack was one of the first tracks for Flaming Lips I heard when I was 11,” recalls Kevin Parker of Australian brogue explorers psychic Tami Impala. “Then I saw them living in Japan a few years ago and they blew up my breasts. I’ve been a slave ever since. Are they a modern prog band? definitely yes. Crimson XXI Century, Floyd or Yes? I don’t think they are something from the twenty-first century. They are in a league of their own.”

Maybe the Tame Impala captain is right. In 2011 alone, The Flaming Lips – approaching the 30th year of their so-called “unintentional career” – did something weird and different every month, including (deep breathing): a track release titled two fucking blobs, consisting of 12 separate YouTube tracks that must be played simultaneously in order to be heard the way the band wants it; release Gummy Song Skull EP, a seven-pound skull made of a gel containing a flash drive with four songs in it; Presentation of a six-hour song titled 6 Hour Song (Finding a Star on Earth) As part of a package called Strobo Trip; A 24-hour route called . is available 7 Skies H3 It plays live on an endless stream of audio, you can buy it – for $5000! – As a limited edition hard disk covered in an actual human skull; And the performance of every Pink Floyd band The dark side of the moon Live at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, an album they totally covered and released two years ago.

As if that wasn’t enough, they recently broke rapper Jay-Z’s record for most gigs played in a 24-hour period, collecting vials of blood from musicians (everyone from Ke$ha to Chris Martin and Nick Cave to Yoko Ono) for an album 2012 year of cooperation called Masker Viewsthen pressed a limited set of vinyl containing samples of the same.

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If you take the word “prog” to mean crazy ambition, crazy adventure, and a no-nonsense approach to putting seemingly unworkable ideas into action, surely The Flaming Lips are one of the biggest bands ever?

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