The Pharmacy Quality Industry Trends Report assesses consumer perspectives, health plan and pharmacy efforts to promote quality

The study shows that pharmacies could implement more field tests and have a large pool of willing participants.

The 2022 Pharmacy Quality Industry Trends Report, sponsored by Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS), examines consumer perspectives and industry efforts to promote quality.

While the report may be accessed by a wide range of organizations in the healthcare sector, the Trends Report is produced primarily to inform healthcare payers, pharmacy providers and life science organizations about trends and changes that industry stakeholders do to improve quality. The report also serves as a resource for organizations developing their quality improvement strategies.

The survey-based report details: 1) consumer pharmacy use and perception of pharmacy services, 2) community pharmacies’ readiness for and efforts to engage in outcomes-based measurement, and 3) challenges and opportunities to improve the efficiency that payers face. Now with 3 years of research results, the 2022 report shows trends over time against various aspects of quality.

One takeaway from the consumer survey highlights the remaining opportunities to increase pharmacy use.

As PQS CEO Todd Sega wrote in the report’s introductory letter, “While patient trust and comfort levels with pharmacists remain very high, opportunities still exist to educate the public about pharmacists’ training and expertise in providing healthcare. care…Focusing patient education on what pharmacy can provide can lead to a larger population of informed patients as a driver of future demand.”

A clear example of consumers expressing their comfort with using pharmacy services is shown in the graph above. The majority of patients expressed that they were likely to receive every test we asked about in the survey. Compared to the number of patients who receive these tests in a pharmacy setting, the results suggest that pharmacies could implement more tests and have a large pool of willing participants.

Our pharmacy respondents made it clear that they were more than willing to engage with intermediate outcome measures and outcome measures related to reimbursement.

This trend, along with others in the report, shed light on the changing and upcoming roles that pharmacies will play. Pharmacies have faced huge changes and challenges since 2020, but we’re told they’re gearing up for the next phase of pharmacy practice.

A greater number of payers indicated that they were very likely to contract with community pharmacies to perform testing in the pharmacy setting.

Payers also expressed a continued struggle to identify which interventions lead to the best outcomes, presenting an opportunity for focused measurement to continue to provide additional context to aid resource allocation.

For more information on pharmacy quality, please download the full report, the Pharmaceutical Quality Industry Trends Report 2022, from the PQS website.

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