The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 16 Final Recap: Ladies of Rock!

Well, I see what happened now. Going to the end of the sixteenth season of The Real Housewives of Orange CountyI was so worried that the Wives’ trip to Aspen would be cut short. Because it’s so rare that there isn’t an episode or two after the cast’s final journey for a season until the women go home, wrap up their solo stories, and reunite for one last dramatic party. It’s part of the formula. But it was like that, in the final episode of season sixteen she was still in Aspen.

But the problem was not the flight of the cast. It was everything that comes next, basically. Turns out there wasn’t a ton to put a bow back in Orange County. And so the holiday extended to Aspen to the middle of the end. And even then, there were several disturbing moments in various previews and a mid-season trailer that were left on the cutting room floor. not the least Emily Simpson Shouts “I’m talking, shut up!” When someone’s after the second dinner. also Dr.. Jane Armstrong Defense Heather Dubrow against Noella Bergner Sometime during one of the Aspen meals. Instead, we had a very painful tantrum last week Gina Kirchenheiter On some other women who don’t know who her best friend Tatiana was off screen.

Which, for the record, is something JennaI don’t feel proud about the next morning. Yes, I realized that she overreacted to a stupid situation. And with that yes, she might have lashed out angrily instead of dealing with her issues Shannon Bedor. But instead of just taking responsibility for her bad behavior, she decided to blame demonic possession. Or if not complete possession, then at least some demonic influence. Because apparently we also couldn’t see the ghost tour that the wives did in Aspen. But now Gina is convinced that there is a hostile spirit stuck to her in the smugglers’ mine. So naturally, she has to go back to the mine with emily In raffle to present a gift basket filled with Veuve Clicquot, Hershey chocolate, and an apple to please the devil.

Sure, it’s all fun and games for cameras. And emilyIt’s more than just a game to play in the psychosis of your best friend. But it doesn’t solve the root of the problem: the constant tension in Jenna and enemy ship Shannon. Rather, she is – to use ShannonFavorite phrase of the season – put a pin in it and wipe it under the rug. Only once did the duo leave the mine to meet heather And doctor. yen On an afternoon of shopping, Jenna admits that her anger toward Shannon is the real problem here. She even uses a giant teddy bear statue in downtown Aspen as a stand for the vet, admitting that she is angry at (read: jealous of?) Shannon’s continued support for Noella. And of course, just as I’ve repeated that realization to the other shop wives, who should be dancing but Shannon Storms has a bed.

rhoc season 16 finale summary jenna kirchenheiter shannon habbour aspen runner

It is time to settle this dispute once and for all Until the reunion. So Jenna pulls Shannon Regardless of their diverse discontent. And the conversation soon turns into a re-reading of the same things they’ve been squabbling about all season. Shannon called Jenna arrogant! Jenna said Shannon doesn’t have any friends! The number of actual people in Shannon’s “basic friend group” is constantly changing! Is it three or four! Meanwhile, other women are trying to distract the retail workers by buying as much as possible. Because if you are real RHOC Like, you know that thing heather refuses to do is expelled from else store.

Jenna And ShannonThe constant back and forth is exhausting. One minute the pair were at each other’s throat, claiming that they probably didn’t want to be friends in reality. And the next day, they almost shed tears of how much they mean to each other. Ladies? The only good thing about being stressful is that eventually it becomes exhaustingso. Eventually the couple hugged him and agreed to move forward with a clean slate. But does Shannon still secretly think Jenna is arrogant? And Jenna is still secretly jealous of Shannon’s relationship with her Noella? Yes and yes.

rhoc series season sixteen episode 16

That night, all six ladies headed downtown for their last meal of the trip. with intention, emily He insists on healing more fissures that have sprung up in this mountain getaway. Although try their best to use doctor. yen as a temporary storage, heather Somehow he ends up sitting right on the other side Noella. who immediately begins an unexplained conversation with the poor bartender about her messy divorce. TMI, Noella. TMI. So yeah, I’d say dinner is off to a promising start. Since he succeeded last time, the women suggest playing a game at the backgammon. (When will they learn?)

This time, though, they’re trying to get around the table to say nice things about each other. which works fine until Noella reach to heather. She’s tried an insincere attitude about them being in the same friend group, but she clearly still holds up. There’s no need to pretend, sweetie. You can’t go from accusing Heather of physically assaulting a crew member in one meal to a Cumbaya moment the next. But the meal—and the trip—at least will end on a somewhat positive note. Even if it was forced, at least no one rushed off the table. Back to Orange County we go!

As I mentioned at the top, there isn’t much to wrap up in the OC in terms of story. The only thing worth noting is that emily She finally gets a rework on her wedding photos. It’s not the vow renewal she wanted, because Shane Simpson He was persistently against it. Partly – and I’m only expecting here – because the renewal of vows is seen as unnecessary and perhaps even a little taboo in Mormon culture. Getting here is too much, but if it happens again RHOSLCI’ll probably take a deeper dive on this topic. But either way, given the curse of the covenant-renewal that Emily so clearly knows, it’s probably for the best. But she did get three extravagant rings from her, to signify her engagement, marriage, and tenth anniversary. Plus she should be wearing a robe!

16th season of rhoc

For the season finale, ShannonTogether they threw a night off the shelves. These are racks of homemade ribs and rockers, thank you very much. And not just any rock: Reviving the spirit of Ladies of Rock, the vet forced the rest of the wives to form their own band, OC Realz. Yes, with Z. And every lady arrives accompanied by her men dressed like their musical egos. Jenna She is a gorgeous Hollaback girl like Gwenna Stefani. heatherTo direct Posh as Fancy Spice. emilyDedicated to the gods as Emilectra. doctor. yenVirally related to Rain HolidayTommy Lee as Doctor Baywatch. And NoellaNoelle Hendrix is ​​kind of an exaggeration, especially as she’s the drummer, but sure. Just go with her.

during dinner, heather He is keen to roast her renewed friendship with him Shannon. Which, frankly, I wish we had seen more of this season. But there is always next year. And doctor. yen Gives, well, not exactly a toast. It’s like a veiled message about the status of her relationship with him ren, and thanked all her new cast members for helping her get through a tough year. (Serious question: Did we think Ren even knew what she was talking about? The couple ended up temporarily breaking up after filming…) Then it was time for the first live show by OC Realz, written by Richard Marks!

Yes, I know there was a somewhat mixed reaction to playing the music video while the song “The Wives” was somewhat vaguely called “Where Are They Now?” Cards flash across the screen. But I thought it was cute and campy, and was kind of the perfect way to put on a bow in this revitalized, if not perfect yet, season. RHOC. And I must admit that the most exciting part for me is finally listening heather Sing in the show! (She sang in Tamra judgeReceived it back in the day, which was documented on Tamra wedding partybut Bravo couldn’t get the song on the air.) And all that’s left to say is, bring the reunion!

Tell us: Do you think Shannon and Jenna’s friendship is salvageable? Did you like or hate the musical performance of “The Wives”? Who has the best rock character? What do you want to see in Reunion?

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