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Officers, officers, and members of the public are honored during the 15th Annual Rock County Sheriff’s Office Awards on May 17.

Prize winners are as follows:

Attorney General: Representative Brandon Davis

Davis started on January 4, 2016 as a correctional officer. He became deputy sheriff on August 10, 2019.

On March 3, 2021, the Janesville Police Department requested assistance in stopping a reckless murder suspect who was fleeing officers.

Davis responded and was able to proceed with the chase. He successfully deployed the stop sticks, which deflated the fleeing vehicle’s four tires, and the chase ended. Then help with a very dangerous traffic stop.

On August 21, 2021, the Beloit Police Department and the Mayor’s Office were dispatched to the scene of the shooting where several people got out of a vehicle and shot several people.

While responding, Davis saw the suspicious vehicle traveling at high speed through a busy intersection. Davis put his safety at great risk, hitting the getaway vehicle with his squad car multiple times. His squad became crippled, but the collision caused enough damage to the suspect vehicle that the police were able to catch up, stop the vehicle, arrest all five suspects, and recover several firearms using high-capacity magazines.

Corrections Officer of the Year: Corrections Officer Matthew Jones

Jones debuted on April 13, 2015. In 2021, he received rave performance reviews for two separate incidents where his application of life-saving measures saved the life of an inmate.

Assistant Person of the Year: Administrative Assistant Tamira Kettleson

Kettleson started on April 9, 2018, in the Office of Emergency Management and remained in that position until April 29 when she became the Rock County Facilities Management Office coordinator. Kettleson has worked in the COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center that has been open for more than 400 days, serving as Vice President of the Logistics Division.

Retired Deans Leadership Award: Correctional Supervisor Erin Wilson

Wilson started on June 3, 2004 as a correctional officer. Her uncanny ability to communicate with those around her allowed her to excel as a corrections professional.

She shared her knowledge and skills as a prison training officer, in-service trainer, hostage negotiator, and peer support leader. Wilson oversaw a third shift in the prison, the most recent of which was the classification unit.

Citizen Award: Tony Farrell

Tony Farrell began working in suicide prevention during his military service and has continued suicide prevention efforts in Rock County for the past 52 years. Volunteer as director of the Rock County Suicide Prevention Network and director of the Rock County Safety Chain.

Farrell’s music experience and work in the music retail business over the past 55 years has provided countless opportunities to mentor local youth. He currently serves as a volunteer outreach coordinator for both the Rock County Medical Examiner’s Office and the Rock County Health Department.

The Sheriff’s Office recognizes Farrell for decades of dedicated community service.

Life Saving Awards

Correctional Officer Richard Blach: On October 21, 2021 at 10:12 AM, while conducting a security check for the medical unit, Blach noticed that one of the inmates had a medical emergency. He immediately requested additional staff and entered the dungeon.

Blach took immediate action to save lives. Blach continued to help until a nurse, Brandi Malcock, arrived and took over. Blach’s diligence to conduct the security check led to the discovery of a serious medical problem with potentially life-threatening symptoms.

Representative Christopher Lochner: On October 29, 2021, Lochner responded to an address in the town of Harmony for a report on a topic that neither beats nor breathes. He found an unresponsive elderly man who used an automated external defibrillator and started CPR.

Lochner continued CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived and took over. Lochner’s quick thinking under stress and the administration of CPR stabilized this man.

Deputy Lee Jackson and Correctional Officer Dennis Meyer: On November 11, 2021, a drug court participant received an eight-hour court sentence in the secure detention area of ​​the courtroom. Meyer observed the individual lying on his side on the ground and noted that the person was pale and unresponsive. Mayer called Jackson to get naloxone and a pacemaker. Mayer and Jackson began life-saving measures. After three doses of naloxone, the participant became responsive. The awareness and actions of Myers and Jackson saved the participant’s life.

Representatives Christina Bordner and Samantha Valencia: On February 6, patrol personnel were dispatched to a home in the town of Rock for an unresponsive man. Borderner and Valencia arrived at the site first and immediately began life-saving measures until fire and emergency medical personnel arrived and took over. The individual was hospitalized and recovered.

Sgt. Andrew Reed and Deputy Caitlin Barrett: On February 25, patrol personnel were dispatched to a home in Janesville for a medical emergency. Barrett arrived first and began CPR for the unresponsive man and coordinated with response personnel to bring the defibrillator home. Reed soon arrived with a pacemaker. He opened and applied the device while Barrett continued CPR. The individual eventually regained his normal heartbeat and began to breathe.

Sgt. Nicholas Brown Correctional Supervisor Corey Riley; corrections officers Riley Bendorf, Calin Collins, Nicholas Habeck, Jordan Hillis, Stephen Kreuter, Corey Schilt, and Bryce Wilson; And nurse Taylor McNeiff: On March 29, correctional staff responded to a D unit in prison for an overdose. Several individuals responded and located three non-responders inmates within the department. The staff determined that this was an overdose case and demanded pacemakers, oxygen, and naloxone.

Schilt began massaging the sternum and gave two doses of naloxone. Kreuter began CPR, and the inmate became responsive. Brown evaluated the second inmate and began applying chest compressions as Collins took two doses of naloxone.

Wilson prepared the defibrillator while Schilt was given a third dose of naloxone. The patient was almost unconscious before taking the fourth dose. The guest was responsive before the EMS staff arrived. Bendorf assessed the third prisoner and found no pulse.

The staff connected a pacemaker, and McNeff began applying chest compressions while Hillis administered naloxone. Habeck took the chest compressions as Bendorf and Hillis administered more naloxone. The guest became responsive after more than 10 minutes of care.

Sherif Awards

hats; Aaron Burdick and Kimberly Leechaim and Sgt. Nicholas Brown and Sean Nutter: The Sheriff’s Office committed to adopting a new policy guide in 2021 and accomplished this through the implementation of the Lexipol Trust Policy Guide. This project involved introducing all the policies and procedures of the Lexipol Correctional Services Department, linking the policies and procedures of the Law Enforcement Services Department, and bringing together the common administrative policies under one umbrella.

Administrative Assistant Christopher Johnson: Johnson began this position on April 26, 2021, after serving as a correctional officer.

Johnson was hired to maintain the survey of vital records for the sheriff’s office. Johnson drew on his experience with corrections and explored areas for improvement within the agency. He sought to improve existing methods, papers, and situations to provide better opportunities for the agency as a whole.

Administrative Assistant Lindsey Bittorff: Bittorf acts as a link to Sheriff’s Office Body Camera Program. In this role, she manages data for approximately 175 body cameras.

Data management includes retention, redaction, requests for open records and requests for evidence from the OTP. In the course of its tasks, Bittorf identified problems within the program and fixed them. She was instrumental in the success of Body Camera.

Unit quotes

Second Nuba Patrol: Representatives Zachary Anaker, Jacob Arneson, Christina Bordner, Terry Bourgeart, Matthew Christidis, David Cliff, Kevin Lega, Jesus Salazar, Cody St Michael, Samantha Valencia and Cole Walsh.

Rock County experienced a sharp increase in gift card purchases from local stores during 2019 and 2020. Representatives in the second shift contacted all businesses affected by the fraud and created information cards for store employees to use to alert potential fraud victims and distribute them to businesses. In less than a week, the information cards were reported to have succeeded, and the use of the card intervened in an ongoing scam. Since the cards have been distributed, credit card frauds have fallen to nearly zero.

Small Unmanned Air System Team: Captain Aaron Burdick; Representatives Christopher Hasler, Ross Wenger and Jason Wescott; and corrections officers Stephen Fraser and Aaron Meckel.

The team deployed 25 times in 2021 for several types of operations, including incident reconstruction, crime scene documentation, tactical/high-risk operations, and search and rescue operations. These operations vary in size but are vital to the overall mission of the Sheriff’s Office.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force: Detectives Corene Bilhorn and Luke DuCharme.

In 2021, Bilhorn and Ducharm work on significant cybercrime against children in cases that go beyond the normal caseload.

A case published in November 2020 yielded more than 300 images of child pornography and is still on trial. An April 2020 case resulted in 45 suspected child porn videos and more than 1,000 suspected child porn images.

December 9, 2021, investigation: Sgt. Matthew Jacobson, Detective Corinne Bilhorn, Representatives Terry Bourgeart, Matthew Michalsky, Margaret Schmidt and Jason Wescott.

Patrol personnel from the Beloit Township Police Department, the Beloit Police Department and the Mayor’s Office were dispatched to 1905 S. Porter Ave. In the town of Beloit to report a gunshot victim.

Shortly thereafter, a hospital called and reported that three more victims with gunshot wounds had arrived at the hospital. The Beloit Township Police Department has asked the Sheriff’s Bureau of Investigation, Identification Bureau and Special Investigations Unit to respond and assist in the investigation of the shooting.

The FBI and Special Investigations Unit interviewed many people, including shooting victims, at four hospitals in Rock and Dean counties in Wisconsin and Winnebago County in Illinois. Bilhorn, Borgwardt, Michalsky, Schmidt, and Wescott processed the crime scene and collected hundreds of evidence.

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