The Rock & Hermie Sadler almost had a NASCAR team, but WWE scrapped it

when he comes back the rock He was laying a heavy blow in WWE, The People’s Champ was so close to teaming up with NASCAR with Hermie Sadler that Vince McMahon put a stop to it.

Hermy Sadler was one of NASCAR’s loyal stars and on his newest star Leaning right and turning left Podcast with Virginia Senator Bill Stanley, opened up about getting close to forming a new NASCAR team with The Rock, who made Hermey befriended after The Rock and made a friendship after Hermi loaned Rock Caddilacs from his car dealership in exchange for some trading spots and promotional work (can Hear these commercials in this episode of the podcast).

“Rocky and I became friends (I called him Rocky),” Hermie recalls. “My wife and I went to his house in South Florida and became friends, no doubt. Through this relationship between him doing commercials and things and our introduction to cars, over time he started to follow my racing career, he became interested and we started to have conversations during that time about how awesome it was Creating a car. Partnering and owning a NASCAR team together.”

Hermie decided to make the idea roll.

“I started driving a bit for a racing friend of mine named Joe Bessey. Joe Bessey owned a racing team, Joe Bessey Motorsports, competing in NASCAR, at the time, the Winston Cup Series.”

Sadler recalls that The Rock and Danny Garcia (his wife at the time) came to a race to check everything out.

“They came to Homestead to watch me race in November of 1999. Before that, we had started to have conversations about racing and partnership, so one day we finally decided ‘We want to put together a way to get a partnership for our participation- have a team that Hermie will drive for and compete for In NASCAR “So it got things together really fast in a short amount of time.”

“I set up this deal together where we would primarily use his name and likeness and had investors and merchandise opportunities bundled together to trade his name and likeness as he was not required to pay a single dollar out of pocket financially. So we put all of these things together.”

He also happened to meet with the WWE team at Stamford to talk and develop merchandise for a potential new crossover business. Apparently Hermie could smell what The Rock was cooking and made the wheels spin even further.

“I made a deal to buy Joe Bessey Motorsports, buy the race team from him and make a lease agreement for the shop in the building he runs. On the contracts, Rock and Dany and I worked through the majority of that. The only piece of paper that was signed was a letter of intent,” he said. .

“So we worked all the way through 2000 and got all of this together. We actually went so far to schedule a December 2000 press conference at Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC across the street from Charlotte Motor Speedway. So it was I had all my investors, I did merchandise deals, I bought the race team, I hired a chief of crew, I had all these things, and Rocky and I were talking every day about everything we had.”

Hermie mentioned how he and The Rock would be in daily contact about getting the team together and dealing with them, but it suddenly stopped.

“I went two days in a row and couldn’t get to him, so I started getting worried. A few days later, he got a message from WWE that was ‘basically a ‘stop and stop’ telling me that not only was I partnered with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but I am no longer allowed to communicate with him.

“I had no way of knowing exactly what Rocky’s deal with WWE was or who has the rights to what or who can or can’t do what, I was just working on what we were doing together and I assumed he had every right to do what we were talking about.” “I suppose it came down to Vince, what we were talking about and maybe Rocky didn’t communicate with him on every aspect of him or maybe any aspect of him, I don’t know.”

It was about a month later when WWE was heading to Hermie’s backyard in Norfolk, Virginia. Sadler recalled meeting with Vince Bla’s attorney to keep things amicable in the hope that a business partnership would be patched up because so much of people’s livelihoods are at stake.

“For the majority of my life, I’ve been making a living on the NASCAR circuit and I’ve been proud of the fact that after all my years as a driver, competitor, owner, TV personality, and all of that stuff, I’ve never taken anything from anyone, never abused anyone, and never owed Anyone with money, but I made a deal with Joe Bessey to buy this equipment, shop, and rent all of that stuff.

“[Vince] I felt my pain, I guess, about the way I was led the way I was stopped. So I went and explained it all to him, and he said: I will come back to you in a day or two. So I got him on his word that maybe he’s going to talk to Rocky and Rocky will have a conversation with him and we’ll clear that up and move on.”

However, there seems to be one major problem with the whole idea, and it’s one that wrestling fans are familiar with.

“Negative apparently, it wasn’t Vince’s idea and Vince was not responsible for it from start to finish and how it would benefit or benefit from it. So their disagreement was that even though I had a letter of intent signed by Dwayne and Danny about what we were going to do, it was his claim that Rocky He wasn’t legally able to sign such a document because he didn’t own the rights to the trademarks and stuff he was putting up as part of the deal.Sadler, who was aware of it all, said, “Vince owns it all.

“I never, or never, never wondered if Rock had much of a say in the fact that he had that character and that character at the time,” but Hermie believed that Rock kept Vince on with the plan. “Why do I think Rock was doing all this and keeping Vince in the dark? To your point the fact that I went to WWE Headquarters and all that stuff,”

“In the end, no one ever came back to me,” Hermie said. “I saw Rocky that night in the building because he was told not to talk to me and I was told not to talk to him and all he said to me was ‘I know you’re mad at me and I’m sorry.

“My choice in those days was very simple, I could take my losses and relieve myself of them which I eventually did. I made good on my commitments to Joe Pesci and everyone I made close to a million dollars in. I bought the team and then sold it over the next 18 months. Car By car, piece by piece and the people I hired, those who couldn’t get other jobs I paid for them until they got other jobs. If a guy was supposed to make $100,000 from me and somewhere else for $75,000, I paid them $25,000.”

“I haven’t spoken to him since,” said Hermie, “with regard to The Rock, about which he has no ill intentions. “Rocky and I should have gone and sit down with Vince the first day. I’m going to say this, I really believe in my heart, that he was so wrecked in the position he knew he put me in 20 years ago. He had no choice. I mean, Vince says, ‘That’s what You do, you gotta get away from Hermie, he’s a gangster,’ and I really think based on some of the comments our mutual friends have heard with him.”

One of those people happened to be Hermie’s brother Elliot who interacted with The Rock during a NASCAR race years later.

“Sometimes you just have to take your losses, learn your lessons and move on,” Hermie said, quoting his father. “And that’s what I did.” The only thing that disappoints me to this day is that I now wonder how good we were just really good friends because I was going to wait, in Sometime, I definitely wouldn’t have waited 20 years and certainly wouldn’t have waited until I became a millionaire, but at some point I would pick up the phone and call him if the shoe was on the other foot and say, ‘Just so you know that’s what happened and I’m sorry. “

“I’d like an explanation. That’s all and it won’t help, it won’t change anything, but that’s why, just you know, when we talk about partnerships and friendships and mix the two and make decisions, I’m ashamed because I’ve made this deal not just in terms of friendship, but of The financial aspect is so much that it puts my family at risk and I had to figure out how to get out of that.”

It all boils down to Vince McMahon making the decision.

“It was Goliath and I David and he fed me to a position where I could succumb or try to fight and I didn’t have the resources to fight.”

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