The Rock was allegedly made to ‘bury’ the star suspended on TV due to Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon and The Rock have some of the most iconic phrases in WWE history. One of The Brahma Bull’s most famous lines, “Take his ball and go home,” was digging into Stone Cold after leaving the company after a feud with Vince McMahon. The company asked Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and The Rock to “bury” Austin on screen.

As previously reported, Stone Cold refused to lose to Brock Lesnar on an episode of RAW. The six-time WWE Champion simply quit, refusing to do business. The company stopped him and tried to bury him on the air. Although he later came back, he never regained his popularity due to the way the company insulted him.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Rock was openly told to insult Austin on air. The two men have long been rivals and are credited with the massive success of the Attitude Era. However, with Austin suspended, The Brahma Bull was forced to pull the company’s line.

No one has been buried as badly as Austin, who was the biggest star in the company as far as winning the wrestling war a few years ago, including Jim Ross, Austin’s best friend in the company at the time, and Dwayne Johnson. to bury him and to do so, including Johnson using the famous line “take the ball and go home” on TV,” Meltzer said.

Vince McMahon tried to re-establish Stone Cold’s reputation later

The report also revealed that once Stone Cold returned, it was announced that McMahon would face him at home shows. The idea was to rebuild Austin’s glory days and burn bridges between the two men. However, McMahon retracted those matches:

Vince McMahon himself was at one time booked into house shows to do corners with Steve Austin to try to rebuild the fallen gates. “

However, due to various reasons such as travel, other duties, personal reasons and no significant change in ticket sales, he backed out of matches and stopped participating despite his announcement.

What would happen to WWE without Roman? He listened to it from a living legend himself.

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