The travel experience continues to be a challenge for consumers from the LGBTQ+ community

Although LGBTQ+ travelers feel more confident about visiting destinations, they still face a number of challenges throughout the travel experience.

According to new research from, which included more than 5,500 LGBTQ+ travelers from around the world, 82% of LGBTQ+ travelers said they had less than welcome — or uncomfortable — experiences when traveling, with 65% reporting having to. . Consider their safety and well-being.

While 28% of LGBTQ+ travelers in the United States say negative experiences are most common while out and about when traveling, LGBTQ+ travelers from India (100%), Denmark (97%) and Mexico (93%) have general experiences Frequently negative.

According to the report, 55% of LGBTQ+ travelers said they experienced discrimination while traveling, citing stereotypes (28%) and staring at, being mocked or verbally abused by other travelers (18%) or locals (17%) as the best culprits. .

These factors influence where they plan trips, with 60% of LGBTQ+ travelers saying that being part of the community influences the decisions they make when planning.

More than half (51%) of LGBTQ+ travelers feel that the destinations on their wish list have been affected by being part of the community. Meanwhile, 58% believe that being a member of the community influences who they choose to travel with, and 55% say it affects the activities they participate in when they are away from home.

Inclusiveness is important

Despite the obstacles, 85% of LGBTQ+ travelers say the majority of their travel experiences have been welcoming, and gay and lesbian travelers (90%) are more likely to agree.

Six in 10 (63%) travelers say that being part of the LGBTQ+ community actually makes them feel more confident as a traveler, with 84% saying they have the confidence to explore the destinations they want to visit. Gay travelers are the most trusted (87%) followed by bisexual travelers (86%).

According to research, 60% of LGBTQ+ travelers are more likely to travel to a destination that celebrates the local LGBTQ+ community and history. More than half (56%) are more likely to choose travel that allows them to learn about the hidden aspects of society at their chosen destination.

LGBTQ+ travelers also want brands that support and recognize the community, with more than half (55%) saying they are more likely to search for attractions or activities dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community.

Fifty-five percent said they research accommodations, brands, and experiences before booking to understand the role they play in supporting the community, and this research leads the majority (64%) to be more likely to book with brands that put in the effort.

room for improvement

However, there is still room for improvement across the travel industry to make the travel experience more comprehensive.

When asked what they hope to see from travel companies, 37% of LGBTQ+ travelers said they would like recommendations more tailored to their preferences and interests, while 31% of travelers want to share additional information about the location’s LGBTQ+ status, including local laws, religious sensitivities Clothing Circumstances and LGBTQ + Hate Crime Statistics.

Thirty percent of travelers also want to see filters that allow them to select properties that offer a positive experience for LGBT travelers, with a filter most popular with travelers from Brazil (40%), New Zealand (39%) and Vietnam (39%) ).

In 2021, launched its Proud Hospitality training program and it now includes more than 10,000 Proud-approved drugs across 95 countries and territories on its platform.

The programme, developed in partnership with HospitableMe, is designed to help hospitality professionals understand the challenges and obstacles faced by the LGBTQ+ community when traveling and provide them with practical skills and techniques to apply on their property.

Partners who complete the course earn a Travel Proud badge on their properties page to indicate the welcome experience for potential guests. The service is free and available in English and French and will soon be launched in German and Spanish.

Meanwhile, Expedia Group’s Orbitz helps LGBTQ+ travelers find accommodations by highlighting hotels that have signed the Inclusion Pledge. Orbitz users can find these properties on a dedicated search platform or through a filter on the Orbitz website.

According to Expedia Group, LGBTQ+ travelers spent a record $218 billion on travel and tourism in 2018.

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