The US State Department issues 13 new travel advisories for the month of June

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The US State Department has issued 13 new travel advisories for the month of June. The latest updates, uploaded to the State Department’s website on May 31, provide information intended to keep American travelers safe and well-informed before they travel. These latest updates feature a handful of countries located in regions that are bound to be among the most popular with American travelers this summer, such as Europe and the Caribbean.

With travel this summer expected to rival pre-pandemic numbers, pre-flight travel advisories are bound to play an important role for those traveling around the world this year. Here’s a look at the countries affected in the latest updates, as well as a summary of what the Travel Advisory System is and how it helps US travelers.

Travel Tips – An explanation for travelers

The Department of State’s Travel Guidelines are useful updates that provide information to travelers about destinations around the world. Each update assigns a risk level to a destination, with level 1 being the lowest risk and level 4 being the highest risk. Warnings are updated frequently as needed, reflecting the ever-changing risks such as crime, terrorism and health concerns present at each destination.

Besides a warning from the State Department, each travel advisory update also contains information from the CDC about the level of Covid-19 at each destination, letting travelers know what they might get if they decide to travel. While they play an important role in keeping travelers informed of real and current threats they may face and should always be consulted, they do not have the legal power to prevent travel – meaning that the decision to travel is ultimately up to the traveler.

Recent Travel Advice Updates – What Travelers Should Know

The latest travel advisory to be published will feature distinct updates from all four warning levels. Level 1 updates are as follows:

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – Take regular precautions. CDC indicates moderate level of Covid-19
  • Anguilla – Exercise normal precautions. CDC indicates high level of Covid-19
  • Kuwait – Take the usual precautions, travelers should not visit the border area with Iraq. CDC indicates low level of Covid-19

Level 2 updates are:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Take extra care because of terrorism and landmines. CDC indicates moderate level of Covid-19
  • Dominican Republic – Travelers should use extra caution due to crime. CDC indicates moderate level of Covid-19
  • Tunisia – Increased vigilance in Tunisia due to terrorism. The country also has many restricted areas. CDC indicates moderate level of Covid-19
  • Turks and Caicos Islands – Use extra caution because of crime. CDC indicates elevated level of Covid-19

The Level 3 travel advisory includes a warning that travelers should reconsider travel to these destinations. Recent Level 3 updates are:

  • Guyana – Crime danger. The level of Covid-19 is average according to the CDC
  • Jamaica – Crime risk, with several areas travelers should not travel to. According to the CDC, Jamaica has an elevated level of Covid-19
  • Mauritania – Threat of terrorism and crime. The level of Covid-19 in the country is low according to the CDC
  • Poland – Travelers should reconsider their trips to Poland due to restrictions related to Covid-19. It has moderate levels of Covid-19 according to the CDC
Solo traveler with umbrella and suitcase in Old Town Krakow, Poland

Finally, two countries were given Level 4 warnings. These warnings explicitly inform travelers “Do not travel” to the respective destinations. Level 4 warnings are as follows:

  • Burma (Myanmar) – Do not travel due to areas of civil unrest and armed conflict. CDC indicates low level of Covid-19
  • Moldova – Do not travel due to the armed conflict in neighboring Ukraine, and the unresolved conflict between the breakaway region of Transnistria and the central government. Moderate level of Covid-19 according to the CDC

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