There is a giant rock in the shape of a frog in the barren area of ​​oriental grapes

“I want to go find Frog Rock,” my friend said with a sly smile. I waited to see if he was serious. It was.

Having spent seven years living here, there are few things that surprise me. But going to see a giant boulder that formed over time and was eventually dubbed “the frog” sounds intriguing, to say the least.

Our journey began one sunny afternoon in September before the pandemic changed lives forever. My friend has wanted to take this trip for years, but, like so much in life, this bite of time seems to be skipped in search of other, more important items on the menu. He and his wife would spend two weeks each summer in their Starboard cottage. During their visits, my friend always shared a few “did you know” stories. By the end of their stay I will know more about the Downtown area where we live. Their subsequent visits and our conversations will always be educational to me. Frog Rock was one of those lessons.

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