These are the last seven countries in Europe to impose travel restrictions

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The European Union has spent decades getting rid of its borders. Corona virus has brought them back.

When the pandemic first swept the region in early 2020, panic-stricken countries took back control of their borders; People and trucks carrying everything from auto parts to cabbage spent days in huge queues waiting to cross the border.

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Most air travel is over. Over the past year, with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, these barriers have been lowered — but they haven’t completely gone away.

Rather than a seamless travel zone from Finland to Portugal, the European Union is largely a cacophony of independent states. The travel rules that apply in Estonia are not the same as in Cyprus.

Tombia Hill with Beck Hermann Tower and Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral, view from the tower of St. Olaf's Church, Tallinn, Estonia

While many European countries have lifted travel restrictions related to Covid-19, there are some countries where testing is still mandatory and come with certificates of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19.

Covid testing requirements and procedures.  Immune health pass app for Covid-19.  Vaccine certificate or passport application.

The last 7 European countries with travel restrictions in place.

EstoniaNon-EU/EEA arrivals need to show proof of vaccination status, recovery certificate, negative test result or they must be quarantined for 7 days.

Covid pass

Finland—Only fully vaccinated individuals can visit Finland, which includes getting a booster injection within 270 days of the second shot. Non-vaccinated passengers are not permitted for non-essential travel. These rules may be dropped at the end of June.

France– While France has relaxed a lot of travel restrictions, it has different rules regarding whether or not someone has been vaccinated, and it depends on which country they are traveling from.

Nice, France.

Most countries are listed in green, where people can travel for non-essential travel and fully vaccinated travelers can enter without testing requirements.

MaltaAs of June 6, there are no mandatory quarantine requirements but anyone arriving in the country must have either a vaccination certificate, a recovery document or a negative Covid-19 test result.

Holland—An entry ban remains in effect for all travelers from outside the EU/Schengen area to the Netherlands, except for those who can prove they have been vaccinated or show a certificate of recovery.

Lisbon after sunset aerial panoramic view of the city center with red roofs in autumn from day to night, Portugal.  Top view from the vantage point of Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte

PortugalAnyone traveling to mainland Portugal will need either proof of vaccination, a cure status or a negative test result. However, Madeira and the Azores have lifted all restrictions on them, regardless of vaccination status.

Cala Tarida in Ibiza, Spain

Spain—The country recently dropped the requirement for travelers coming from within the EU/Schengen area to show documents related to their Covid-19 status.

However, from outside the EU/EEA, travelers must show evidence of vaccination, cure or a negative test result – whether PCR was taken within 72 hours or antigen was taken within 48 hours.

Despite these seven remaining countries, Europe is very “open”

Most of Europe, especially around the Balkans, is now completely open and free of all entry requirements related to the coronavirus. In fact, Eastern Europe is currently the most restriction-free region in the world.

Germany and Italy are the latest European Union countries to scrap their entry requirements, in preparation for a summer tourism boom.

When will countries like France, Spain and Portugal join the rest of Europe? Some experts suggest that they will also remove the barriers this summer, but with the season already underway and entry rules still in place, it’s hard to know what these states might think.

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