These four destinations have recently relaxed entry requirements

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Do you think the COVID-19 travel restrictions are over? Unfortunately, they are not.

Some countries still impose travel restrictions, including many popular destinations for American tourists.

In this article, we look at Four destinations that eased travel restrictions this week.

1. US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is a popular tropical destination for many Americans. However, the islands kept bone from their travel restrictions throughout the pandemic, but they removed tests for Americans who were vaccinated two months ago.

However, as of May 31, 2022, US Virgin Islands will start in The open door stage. As a result, the US territory will drop all COVID-19 restrictions, including:

  • vaccination proof
  • Tests
  • healthy models

The new rules will apply to each island: St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Previously, unvaccinated American tourists still needed to show a Negative PCR test or antigen test.

Colorful benches in US Virgin Islands for honeymoon beach

However, there is one important thing to know: These changes only apply to US citizens coming from the United States. If a US citizen is traveling from an international territory, such as Mexico, the current restrictions will still apply.

“The health and well-being of our residents and visitors alike remains our top priority,” said Joseph Bocholt, Commissioner for Tourism.

“The Department of Tourism along with Governor Bryan’s office and the Virgin Islands Department of Health have worked together to closely monitor COVID cases in the Territory and take strategic steps to ensure the health and safety of our residents and visitors.”

“Our procedures have proven successful and have given us the confidence to continue facilitating travel and testing requirements to the region so that we can continue to safely welcome visitors,” he added.

2. Philippines

It is hard to find a nation more beautiful than the Philippines all over the world. With more than 6000 islands, cosmopolitan beaches, and millions of locals with excellent English speaking skills, the country offers an excellent vacation.

The Philippines has just scrapped all testing requirements and mandatory travel insurance for fully vaccinated tourists from May 30, 2022.

Under the new entry requirements, for travelers at least One shot booster On top of their initial vaccinations, they can provide evidence of vaccination in lieu of a PCR test.

Travelers age 17 and younger do not need to be tested if they have received two standard shots of the COVID-19 vaccine; They do not need a booster dose to get in.

3. Morocco

Morocco is the most popular African destination for many people. And to boost their tourism industry, they did so Easing COVID-19 entry requirements.

Local officials said: “The Moroccan government decided to abolish the requirement for a PCR test to enter Moroccan territory. This decision will enter into force immediately upon the publication of this press release,” the officials confirmed on May 17.

Moroccan skyline

Currently, travelers can visit Morocco if they complete a health form prior to boarding, have evidence of vaccination, or have a negative PCR test prior to arrival.

Therefore, fully vaccinated Americans only need to complete the health form to enter Morocco.

4. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago will lift its travel permit regime from 1 June 2022. Therefore, Unvaccinated travelers can enter the nation With a negative PCR or antigen test.

The Minister of Health, Terence Dialsingh, said: “We are witnessing a regression in this acute phase of the epidemic. But please note that the epidemic is still with us. From Wednesday, 1 June 2022, mandated by the Prime Minister to tell the country, especially those who are traveling, that it will be The TT Travel Pass system has been discontinued.”

“What this means is that citizens and non-citizens who have not been immunized can enter Trinidad and Tobago, so you do not have to prove your vaccination status. However, you must submit either a PCR test or a negative antigen test (taken) 48 hours prior to entry. “.

“In the absence of a test, that person will be required to go into state-supervised quarantine at their expense and provide a negative PCR or antigen at any time during the quarantine period as a condition of release prior to returning home,”

However, other internal COVID-19 restrictions, such as Masks, social distancing and hand washing will remain.

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