Top 10 Men’s Travel Pants for 2022


Pants: a legging dress, usually from the waist to the ankle. This is a textbook. Accordingly, the best travel pants are jogging pants or some form of sweatshirt in a dark color. The design is ergonomic, stretchy, durable and stylish: all the components you need to sit for hours in a tight spot. I don’t wear anything else when I’m on a plane. The era of exceptional in-flight service is over, when passengers were served roast duck on plates and dry martinis in glasses. The point of travel nowadays – whether you’re in first class or economy class – is to get from one destination to another, hopefully without delay. So why wear a suit or pants with a button closure and no elastic waistband? Wearing clothes just doesn’t make any sense to me.

The only scenario that calls for wearing a suit or chino is if you’re heading straight from an airplane (or other form of transportation) to an event or meeting. If time is of the essence and you don’t have time for a change, it’s perfectly reasonable to wear a two-piece. There’s also another exception: You absolutely love looking chic, and wearing sweats, no matter how fancy, doesn’t cut it for you. I totally get that – and so do many brands.

From Vuori and Everlane to Lululemon and Bononbos, some of our favorite brands have created tailored travel pants—the kinds of designs that blend the performance and comfort of running with the look of a traditional pant. These hybrids feature elastic waistbands, extra stretch, and other features that allow you to move gracefully through the stations. Some even have laces and are made of materials perfect for sweat-wicking. But they all give the look of pants that you wear in the office or at any other formal function. And we’ve got ten of the best guys below, just ready and waiting to take you on your next adventure in comfort and style.

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Wrinkle-resistant, wrinkle-resistant classic chino pants

With a silhouette that will work with most body types, and treated with anti-wrinkle technology, Amazon’s in-house brand once again delivered affordable style that can’t be missed.

Vuori offers styles designed for the outdoors sweat-breaking activity. So you’d better believe that these incredibly stylish pants, made from the brand’s DuraTerra ripstop fabric, are more than enough for long-distance travel in a climate-controlled environment.

Nobody – and we mean, no one—He likes to stop. Sitting in the terminal building for hours on end, waiting to board another plane after already traveling in one is the worst ever. But if you find yourself in this predicament, you’ll want to get these pants, which feature an elasticated waistband, drawstring closures, mesh eyelets, and two-way stretch fabric.

The Performance Traveler Chino Pants

Ah, Everlane, creator of the best basic, versatile pieces that will last for years. So yes, this chino-jogger hybrid is built for travel – a slim fit style, sweat-wicking, quick-drying with four-way stretch. But with all these characteristics, you’ll just want to wear it every day.

Extra Stretch Jeans for Travel

Bonobos? On the list of the best pants? naturally! The brand specializes in making bottoms for all occasions, including travel. Case in point: these tie-dye, five-pocket jeans with so much stretch that it’s almost—only approx– Feels like he ran.

Linen stretch pants

Linen is the most breathable material, a fabric that allows for maximum ventilation as you crawl into a seat, waiting for a flight attendant to pass the pastries. Featuring an elasticated waistband, snap closure, and zip pockets, these Onia pants are the lightest style you can wear on a fully booked, claustrophobic ride.

Mac Weldon hit the mark with these travel-ready Radius pants. Not only is the high-tech fabric waterproof and quick-drying (you don’t have to worry about spills too often), but it’s also super comfortable. So if you’re not biased towards wearing Ace’s travel-ready clothes, this is the next best thing.

Classic fit pants to heaven

Trust Lululemon to always care about comfort, performance and functionality. And her iconic pants—made of wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, shape-keeping, and breathable fabric—are a prime example of that sentiment.

Ron has established herself as a mainstay of the running scene — and for good reason. But it also offers chic travel styles, like this Flex-Knit pant that’s so comfortable, easy to transport, so stretchy, and so stylish you’ll never look at traditional pants the same way. repeatedly.

Cotton straight leg drawstring pants

The beauty of seersucker is that it is already wrinkled; It’s the most travel ready fabric. It’s also very lightweight and breathable, but has enough construction to keep you looking sophisticated. Consider the drawstring, and you’re all set to recline in your seat comfortably.

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