Top 5 Pride Month Destinations According to AirBnB

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Although it originated from the grassroots movements of the twentieth century, led by LGBT people fighting for their rights, Pride has evolved into more than one mainstream celebration in recent years. Across Europe and the Americas, it attracts millions of visitors, and in some places, it overtakes Carnival as the most anticipated event of the year.

Although the political element hasn’t completely faded away – championing diversity remains at the core of the show – now Everyone is invited to joinRegardless of gender or sexual orientation, enjoy the festivities.

Pride Parade in London, England, UK

After being postponed for two years due to Covid, the event is making a triumphant comeback in 2022, with Social gathering limits are abolished Mask rules have been relaxed in most places. Finally, people are once again free to celebrate pride as they used to: without restrictions.

Fortunately for those still unsure where to travel for their first post-pandemic pride, AirBnB revealed this year Top 5 Pride Month Destinations. Based on the total number of nights booked over the weekend, the list includes some of the major tourist spots in Europe and the Americas, as well as a few surprises:

5. Lisbon, Portugal (June 17-19)

Panoramic view of Lisbon, Portugal with São Jorge Castle on top of the old town

Portugal, the westernmost country in Europe was voted on The most gay-friendly destination in the world in 2019. It is one of the leading countries in terms of LGBTQ+ rights, and its own pride run, Lisbon Pride Parade, is one of the largest companies in Europe. on AirBnB ranking, which does not show exact numbers, Portugal is the fifth most popular pride destination.

The country’s capital Lisbon is where most of the action centers on: here visitors can find a lively party scene, countless gay clubs and bars, and many inclusive neighborhoods, such as Arroios and Misericórdia. All year round, Lisbon makes too Perfect city breakespecially if you are into picturesque hilltop castles, cobbled streets and Iberian cuisine.

4. Los Angeles, United States (10-12 June)

Aerial view of downtown Los Angeles, California, United States

The Pride may be a month-long celebration in Los Angeles, but the surge in bookings this past weekend, June 10-12, put it fourth on this list. Parades are led in the city by colorful carnival floats and many performers dressed in exotic costumes, Known worldwide for its carefree nature.

Unfortunately for pride lovers still hoping to get there in time for the ongoing festivities, recent studies have shown that traveling domestically in the US is now more expensive than traveling abroad. With the hospitality industry facing massive demand, and AirBnB confirming that Pride bookings are now back to pre-pandemic levels, Options may be limited For late attendees.

3. Rome, Italy (10-12 June)

Aerial view of St Peter's Square in Vatican City and Rome, Italy

You may not immediately think of Rome full of history As a major destination for LGBTQ+, it actually appears at number three in the Pride Ranking on AirBnB. Similar to Los Angeles, the Eternal City premiere took place on the busy weekend between June 10 and June 12, but in case you missed it, other events will run through June 30.

Now that Italy has removed all Covid restrictions, Allow tourists to attend large-scale events regardless of vaccination statusCelebrating Pride Month in this wonderful country has never felt more free. In Rome, some of the major LGBTQ+ hotspots include Coming Out Bar, Company Roma and 101 Club, right in the city center.

2. Paris, France (June 24-26)

Aerial view of the Golden Dome of Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, from the window of an airplane

Paris is not only The city of lovebut also sThe most popular destination in Pride Month Based on AirBnB booking trends. While small events are popular throughout June, with clubs like Le Raidd and Freedj all hosting parties weekly, the festivities will culminate between June 24 and June 26, when thousands of visitors flock to Paris for the official return of the pride.

In 2019, the mass arrival of tourists generated collective earnings for the hosts of more than $6 million, making the Pride one of the most lucrative events of the year. This year will be no different, with the June 24 naming ‘Most Popular Pride Weekendin 2022. Fortunately, Americans who arrive in France for the show will be granted express entry into the country.

1. London, UK (July 1-3)

Elizabeth Tower Big Ben pictured next to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge in London, England, UK

The only big event that will take place in July, Pride in London Already collects hundreds of thousands of reservations, and easily takes first place as a Pioneering Pride destination on this list. In 2019 alone, the collective host grossed $9 million, and so on 1.5 million people gathered for this eventmaking it a major summer attraction in London.

Now that the UK has completely reopened for travel without restrictions, and many airlines to London have opened, Pride is about to get busier than it used to be. For this reason, visitors are advised to book their stays in advance and plan trips accordingly, as availability of AirBnBs may be reduced during June and peak days in July.

A male tourist looks at the plane taking off through the window of the departure hall while carrying airline tickets and suitcase

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