Travel App Hopper launches ‘Leave the hotel for any reason’ option

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Have you ever booked a hotel with high hopes, but crushed them once you arrived? Popular travel app Hopper, announced last week that they have added new products to their service, including a Leave for any reason Selection. The new option allows travelers to cancel their hotel reservation for any reason during or after the check-in process. Travelers will then be able to secure a reservation with a new hotel with all associated costs paid by Hopper, provided the new hotel has the same star rating as the original hotel.

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As the past few years have shown, nothing is certain. The added flexibility of being able to change travel plans has proven to be a valuable option. Hopper has noticed and added more services than just new ones Leave for any reason Selection. A service that was previously only available for flight reservations, Cancel for any reason, added as an option when booking hotel rooms. This provides flexibility, but not as much Leave for any reason Selection. Cancellation for any reason allows travelers to cancel their reservation at any time Before Check in for a 100% refund.

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Hopper has also added a car rental product that was previously only available on flights and hotel reservations, Freeze car prices. This option allows travelers to lock in the car rental price for 21 days, giving travelers more time to make a decision. Hopper will pay up to $100 for the new price if the price goes up. Conversely, travelers will be able to pay at a lower rate if the price drops. With car rental prices continuing to rise, this may be an option that more travelers will take advantage of this year.

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For many travelers, flexibility is king. Hopper’s new offerings fit the bill for those who require more wiggle room in their travel plans. Perhaps the most interesting new option, and certainly the one that offers the most flexibility, is Leave for any reason Selection. For the option to be viable for Hopper, it must be priced low enough that travelers buy it and high enough to cover the costs of travelers who end up using it. To get an idea of ​​what kind of fees travelers can expect, a sample reservation at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas was completed on July 4.The tenth During the eighth.

Rio All Suite Hotel
Photo Courtesy: Rio All-Suite Hotel

All choices were made with the flexible traveler in mind, including the option to pay later. trip insurance, Cancel for any reasonAnd the Leave for any reason They are all selected as booking options. Room rate is $33 per night Cancel for any reason The fee was $60, and it was Leave for any reason The fee was an extra $36, and the flight insurance was $16.50.

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In total, the maximum flexibility surcharge added $112.50 to the reservation. This brought the entire reservation price up to $442.21. This may seem like a high price to pay when expecting a trip to go according to plan, but many travelers are happy to pay the extra cost for peace of mind.

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with the Leave for any reason Cucumber, Hooper means it. Small reasons such as wanting a better view of the room and noting that the room is not clean enough have been mentioned by Huber as acceptable uses of the new option. Time will tell if they keep that promise, but for now, it seems like a very flexible cancellation service that really covers For any reason.

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As more and more countries open up and drop the rules of the Covid era, including the United States, travel plans are less likely to be affected by the Covid virus. However, travel disruptions due to staff shortages and increased travel demand are factors that can affect upcoming travel. Those concerned about disruptions when making a reservation may find that new Hopper products are worth the extra cost.

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