Travel Day Updates: Back to Boston

Boston, Massachusetts. – Carolina Hurricanes are back in Boston with their sights set on closing the series at Game Six Thursday night.

After losing their first set of matches at TD Garden over the weekend, the Canes responded with a decisive 5-1 victory on Tuesday on the ice at home, reclaiming their best-of-seven streak.

What set the stage for success in the PNC arena? Discipline and matches, among other things.

Captain vs Captain

When you are five and five and with the last change, Jordan SteelBoston’s Line of Perfection was commissioned to close Line of Perfection by Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron and David Pasternak. for every NaturalStatTrick, Bergeron played at 11:16 at five and five on Tuesday. From that, came 9:19 against Stahl, Kans’ most resistant player of the night.

For those of you who are looking for the difference between games in Raleigh versus games in Boston, you have this one.

Now, if you’re reading this question, “What does being at home versus being on the road have to do with this,” fear not. There is room for all Canes fans on this boat, including newcomers.

In the NHL, when you’re the visiting team, you have five seconds between whistles to select your people for the next game. The host team? Eight seconds. So, every time Rod sees Brendamor Bergeron and the crew jump off the bench, that’s an instant signal to Stahl, Jesper Fast And Nino Niedretter to come out. When Bruce Cassidy in Boston sees Stahl’s line jump out, it’s a nod to anyone other than Bergeron.

“Does it really matter if Stahl’s line goes against Bergeron’s line?”

Yeah. Although he has not received the national recognition he deserves, Staal is one of the best defensive attackers in the league. More evidence? See what Bergeron, Marchand and Pasternak managed to achieve in Match 3 and 4 when they avoided Stahl and their teammates. I’ll give you research, 16 combined points and an X factor in their win.

“They’re great, all three of them,” Max Domy It started when spotlighting the Stahl trio on Wednesday afternoon. “Stalce is a tough guy. He’s a responsible guy, a two-way player and doesn’t make any mistakes there. Good on the frontal circuit too. Nino and Jesper are two guys personally, I didn’t realize how good they were until I played with them. Quickie is probably the best checker in the NHL. He gets He gets on pucks when he needs to and wins fights. He makes no mistakes and is fun to watch too. Nino is a low-key beast too. He’s a smart player. He makes all the plays he needs, and when you put all three together, it’s a rock solid group.”

If you ask them though, consistency played a huge part in being as effective as it was.

Jesper Fast spoke humbly when asked what he feels makes the group so successful: “We’ve played together most of the season, so we understand each other.” “We are playing the right way and we have confidence in each other.”

While all three are humble and prefer to let their work do the talking, the head coach might have the most apt description of number 71 when asked about the streak and what makes Fast, specifically, so successful.

“Heart. A man goes in there every day. Most men can do that most of the time or part of the time, but it’s hard to find men who can do that all of the time. That’s what he does.”

discipline is strength

In terms of penalties, the drop from nine to three made a huge difference to the team between the fourth and fifth games.

Bergeron, Marchand, and Pastrnak are also part of Bruins’ strong man advantage, a feature that definitely seems menacing every time they’ve been on the ice in the series. Now, with the series back in Boston and Carolina where they didn’t have the ability to get the matches they wanted, staying out of the box would be even more important.

Domi continued: “When we play hockey five out of five, I don’t think anyone can beat us in this league.” “We know that and we’re a confident five against five group. There’s strength that comes with the way we play. It’s aggressive style, so there are going to be penalties here and there that come with our game. The difference is a little bit undisciplined and that’s something we know we can clean up. We did a great job in the last game. When we’re disciplined, it’s hard to beat. We just have to stay outside the box, then we’ll be fine.”

Video: BOS @ CAR, Gm5: Slavin falls off his wrist with a Swayman shot

loose pucks

  • The Canes were scheduled to do full team practice on Wednesday, but chose to make it just limited skating instead.
  • Rod Princeton was asked again about Frederic Andersen on the availability of its own media. The coach’s update was, “Definitely closer, but he hasn’t had a full training yet, so until that happens, don’t expect it.”
  • We didn’t forget that Raanta suspended 34 out of 35 last night and Peter Kochetkov He’s been pretty good in every NHL game he’s played so far, right?
  • On the other grid, Bruce Cassidy announced Wednesday that Jeremy Swayman will start again in the net for Boston on Thursday.
  • Additionally, Cassidy said he expects Hampus Lindholm to return to the squad. The defensive man since he was on the other end has been knocked out by a resounding blow from Andrei Svechnikov During the second game.

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