Travel leaders announce new alliances and educational opportunities

Travel Leaders Network has released a number of new announcements that include new alliances of travel advisors as well as strong educational opportunities and the appointment of a new Super Agent.


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Travel Leaders Network launches three new alliances

The Travel Leaders Network has added to its Leaders Alliance groups with three new Alliances, bringing the total to five.

The three new alliances include the Honeymoon & Destination Weddings Alliance, the Technology Leaders Alliance, and an alliance focused on improving growth and profitability for mid-sized agencies called Building Better.

The Alliances are designed to bring together a group of like-minded travel consultants and agency owners to share best practices and deepen relationships with each other and with supplier partners.

“With the success of the Host and Luxury Agency Leaders Alliances, we knew it was time to expand this program,” said Roger E. Block, President of the Travel Leaders Network. “With a consortium of our size, our consultants have a range of needs, and giving them access to other consultants and agency owners like them, and our experts to make it easier, is one of the most valuable things we can offer. I look forward to watching our three new Leaders Alliances become a sought-after resource for our members.”

Each alliance has a subject matter expert from the Travel Leaders Network serving as a leader. Under their supervision, alliance members will apply the perspective and be selected.

Hire a new super agent

An agent profile reveals new options that travel advisors can use to attract new clients and run their business. Hiring a premium agent gives them a higher rank in searches and makes it easier for potential clients to find them. The badge will also show users that they are a high-level advisor and trusted expert.

The designation is awarded to travel consultants based on performance criteria, levels of experience, and positive client reviews. All users have the possibility to become premium agents and there are no fees associated with the appointment.

“A super proxy is something that works well for both advisors and travelers,” Block said. “With the importance of creating qualified leads, consultants need an easy way to show potential clients that they are experienced people. For travelers, the Super Agent badge is an easy and quick visual to help guide their decisions.”

Travel leaders are back in action

Travel Leaders chose “Back to Work” as the theme for the Travel Leaders Network Education 2022 section. Webinars, in-person learning seminars, targeted classes, and other learning opportunities are designed to support the Chancellor during this time of rebuilding and renewal in travel.

“Travel consultants have found themselves recommitting to furthering their learning over the past several years,” Block said. “When travel sales were scarce at the height of the pandemic, our members told us loud and clear: ‘Education is an important component of our success.’ The desire to address a variety of topics related to travel, sales and business management continues to grow, which is why we are pleased to offer our members so many opportunities over the course of the year. general”.

Education opportunities for members include:

—Trusted Travel Advisor Series: A three-part course focusing on process planning, advocating for your clients, and building a communication channel.

Six professional certifications: Luxury Travel Specialist, Leisure Travel Specialist, Group Travel Specialist, Honeymoon and Destination Travel Specialist, Active and Adventure Travel Specialist, and Business Trip Specialist.

—A five-day intensive series on how travel consultants effectively market themselves, their agencies, and their services.

—A variety of webinars throughout the year on topics of interest to travel advisors, including those based on urgent events.

—Downloadable software for hosting agencies. The host can white-flag this program to show it to his advisors.

—Learn in person at EDGE and 2022 Regionals.

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