Travel Nevada launches ‘Silver State Reset’ sweepstakes with highlight ways to relieve stress

CARSON CITY, NV / ACCESSWIRE / May 31, 2022 / Celebrating the unofficial start of summer, today marks Travel Nevada’s launch of its “Silver State Reset” sweepstakes, offering lucky travelers all-expenses-paid trips to Nevada to de-stress and de-stress. The competition features two road trips with experiences only in Nevada that the state has designated as especially transformative and healing, such as natural mineral-infused hot springs, the darkest, quietest sky for stargazing and unique, dynamic rock formations.

Studies continue to demonstrate the positive benefits of travel on mental health and stress reduction, with outside experiences and unique/new experiences being especially impactful. As one of the largest landmass states—with more than 80 percent of the state being public lands—Nevada has some of the least crowded and untouched experiences for anyone looking to reset. Travel Nevada has made planning to visit these stress relief sites easier by mapping them along two road trip routes:

  • Big Basin Expressway: The Great Basin Highway Trip is a transformative, “Rethink Your Life” experience. Travelers will see only existential spectacle in the western countryside along this route – ancient pine forests containing the oldest living trees (many over 4,000 years old), other red rock spiers and some of the darkest in the Lower 48. The 3-5 day itinerary includes:

    • The darkest and calmest skies in the Great Basin National Park – A sky-shaded international park with almost zero light pollution, where only the sounds of nature are heard. This is also one of the least visited national parks in the United States, which adds to its laid-back appeal.

    • gorge cathedral – Once a body of water and now a beautiful gorge with dynamic rock formations created millions of years ago that are still constantly changing to this day.

    • Eli – A perfect escape from modern stresses with train, rail, arts and historical experiences throughout.

    • The Lost City Museum – The best of Moaba Valley – With an emphasis on reverence for the past, these sites are for the first permanent residents of Nevada between AD 200 and 1200.

  • Lake Tahoe Loop: This 2-5 day road trip called the Lake Tahoe Loop starts and ends in Reno and is a trip to experience an unexplored side of Lake Tahoe, one of the clearest lakes in the world. Along the 145-mile journey, travelers can seek their own clarity by experiencing tangible natural wonders such as white-sand lake beaches, vistas of majestic granite rock formations, and a 160-year-old natural hot spring. Travelers along this route can expect transformative experiences all the time, but especially at these stops:

    • Virginia City – Even today, this destination takes root in Wild West Town, with the entire town considered a National Historic Landmark.

    • Lake Tahoe – One of the largest and clearest alpine lakes in the world – where literal and mental clarity meet.

    • Carson Valley – A variety of high desert wildlife makes this wide open terrain their home – from wild horses to eagles to bobcats.

    • Carson City – Culture, history, and natural phenomena meet in this city, creating a balance with natural hot springs, eclectic food, the Historic District, home of the state capital, and a walking tour celebrating the legend of Nevadan.

To enter to win one of these flights, US travelers can visit and click the “Enter Now” button. Entries will be accepted until July 30. Full terms and conditions can be found on the website.

No matter which Silver State Reset route travelers take, they can expect to leave Nevada with a renewed sense of reset. Route-goers are reminded to bring a charged phone to capture photographic evidence of what they saw and encountered – although complete disconnection with social media may be for the sake of experiencing stress relief and mental clarity.

For more information on Silver State Reset trails or other road trips around Nevada, visit the Travel Nevada’s Road Trip page, where you can find 10 different trails, detailed maps, and tips for navigating the road this summer!

Editors: For high-resolution images of the Silver State Reset trails, visit here.


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