Travel writer Brandi Gleeson visits Holmes County

WALNUT CREEK Brandi Gleeson started writing books by mistake. A mother of eight, she blogs about things she loves to do with her family and one thing that leads to something else.

Her first book, “100 Things to Do in Amish Country Ohio Before You Die,” shares her expertise on all things Holmes County, from where to dine to where to visit and what to see and do.

Visitors from near and far were on hand to pick up a copy of the book.

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Reverend Pam Smith of Harter Heights Community Church in Canton was happy to pick up a copy of the book about the area she enjoys visiting, while Ryan Rapper of Plano, Texas, was also excited to get a copy of the book.

Gleeson has been coming to Holmes County for over 30 years. She is a travel writer for, a site dedicated to those 50 and older. She also writes for Ohio Road Trips groups on Facebook.

Ryan Rapper of Plano, Texas, bought a copy of

“While I was doing my research for ‘100 Things to Do in Ohio Before You Die,’ I told my publisher (Reedy Press) that I had another book I’ve always wanted to write, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity,” Gleeson said during her book signing tour. I stopped in Holmes at Deere Dutchman Restaurant on Walnut Creek,

Hirschberger Farm & Bakery is one place Gleeson loves to visit

Gleeson had a hard time narrowing down her favorite places to visit in Holmes County, but she admitted to one regular stop.

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