UFC Sports Entertainment Leader Begins Paying Fighters Rewards in Cryptocurrency

MMA Promo Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Through its partnership with crypto exchange Crypto.com has started paying its fighters rewards in Bitcoin payments.

Rewards will be paid out through a voting process that allows fans to select the top three PPV fighters to receive the rewards. “Bitcoin rewards include $30,000 for first place, $20,000 for second place, and $10,000 for third place,” the Crypto.com statement said.

In the first event to adopt the reward system, UFC fighters Khamza Shemayev, Alex Volkanovsky and Peter Yan took first, second and third places, respectively.

“Crypto.com has been an official partner of the UFC for less than a year, and I’m telling you they are indeed one of the best partners we’ve ever seen,” UFC president Dana White said in a statement.

he added, “[Crypto.com is] Constantly coming up with new ideas on how to work together to connect with fans. The new fan night reward is a great way to get fans even more into our events while rewarding fighters for bad performances.”

Crypto.com said that fans around the world can vote and everyone will get three votes for each PPV event.

“The core of our partnership with the UFC is to create the most unique and compelling way for fans to connect with their favorite sports and athletes,” Stephen Kalevowitz, chief marketing officer of Crypto.com, said of the plans.

“We are thrilled for this next step in our partnership with the UFC and excited to build more innovative and engaging experiences as our partnership continues.”

healthy habits

Cryptocurrencies have continued to make their impact across multiple key points over the past 24 months.

The solar-powered digital currency initiated by human brain expert Dr. Newton Howard, known as Greencoin (GRC), is actively promoting physical wellness and mental health.

“The vision behind GreenCoin.AI (GRC) is based on a system that issues tokens backed by the treasury of the platform itself — like a unit within an organization that buys and sells through a set formula, in an effort to maintain its price by essentially regulating supply,” Dr. Howard said.

Greencoin hosts an ecosystem of members, trainers, and content providers that allow users to earn GRC based on their training. They can then repurpose their earned coins in classes and training sessions within the Greencoin internal marketplace.

Dr. Howard continued, “UFC’s use of bitcoin is ultimately positive for the continued adoption of the cryptocurrency around the world. People are beginning to understand how it can be positively leveraged in a dramatically changing world.”

Besides the pursuit of physical wellness, the company has also developed a neuromodulation headset that rewards members for therapy sessions, brain enlargement practice, and improved brain health.

Dr Howard added: “Mental health is a vital part of public health and is often overlooked and inadequately addressed as the most neglected health problem in the developing world.”

Physical fitness, exercise, and good nutrition are closely linked to mental and physical health. Greencoin aims to improve mental health through exercise and modulating the nervous system.”

He concluded, “The ability to use an EEG to measure brain activity and brain waves combined with transcranial direct current (tdDC) stimulation to activate the human brain’s native reward system is one of the most important creative ideas put into the system’s underlying AI.”

The potential for growth across sports, entertainment and media through cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Blockchain is growing with outgoing WarnerMedia CEO Jason Keeler, who recently stated in an interview with Reuters that Blockchain technology could be incorporated into Hollywood similar to the DVD wave of the 1990s, it is likely that It changes how shows and movies are financed.

Technology like Greencoin highlights the possibilities that the sector could have to disrupt many industries to add scale and economic growth.

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