United and Delta Air Lines have launched new menus with vegetarian options

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This week, airlines United Airlines and Delta Airlines announced new updates to their menu options including vegetarian alternatives for their customers.

As part of its new alliance with Impossible Foods, United Airlines is now adding two new vegetarian items to its menus on select flights and airport lounges.

Starting this week, first-class passengers will now be able to sample the US’s exclusive deep-fried ground beef and impossible sausages on domestic flights of more than 800 miles and at Polaris lounges in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newark and Chicago.

Delta Air Lines, on the other hand, has included in its menu new direct farmers’ tea, cold coffee, wine, beer, ice cream, and snacks. The carrier highlighted its alliances with small businesses and suppliers from around the world, including women and LGBTQ+-led brands.

Delta Air Lines and United next to each other at the airport

Delta also announced that first-class passengers will be able to enjoy welcome meals and drinks before takeoff — on flights 900 miles or more — and seasonal menus that also include vegetarian options like the spiced harissa burger. The carrier had already announced a vegan menu for long-haul flights a few months ago, and it will now include new summer options.

Hands holding eaten burger

Both carriers have worked to create new menu options to meet the needs of passengers, testing these alternatives with their chosen audience, and bringing back offers that were previously available but reduced or banned during the pandemic.

New United Airlines menu with vegetarian options

The carrier explained that the decision to include vegetarian meals was made with American consumers in mind and their growing interest in this type of food.

Aaron MacMillan, managing director of United Hospitality & Planning said: “For many travelers, the quality of food options in the airport and in the sky is a really important part of the customer experience, so we are invested in making sure our menu items exceed their expectations. This is the first of our Among the many more updates we look forward to sharing in the coming months.”

The Impossible Meatball Bowl — served to First Class on domestic flights over 800 miles — features three meatballs made with plants and broccolini, a unique blend of Impossible Foods, placed on a bed of couscous and topped with tomato sauce.

For breakfast, in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newark, Chicago O’Hare Polaris lounges, passengers will be able to sample impossible sausages as an omelet or breakfast pancake ingredient at the buffet.

Dan Green, Senior Vice President of Sales, Impossible Foods, was excited with this new alliance and menu, and said, “It’s exciting to see the airline introduce new options to consumers that taste better and better for the planet. We think United travelers will love the impossible dishes In the air and in the hall.”

New offers for Delta Airlines

Now that pandemic restrictions have been relaxed, Delta is reintroducing hot meals and new products like vegan lamb meatballs or impossible burgers. The carrier this week announced new products as part of its alliances with small businesses.

“We always listen to what our customers tell us they want to see on board, and we give them more of what they say they crave, while making an impact in global communities,” said Kristen Manion-Taylor, Senior Vice President of Aviation Services at Delta.

Delta will offer Thrive Farmers products in all cabins, such as English breakfast teas – and Delta One customer specials such as Egyptian chamomile – as well as Ethiopian Explorer Cold Brew coffee.

Une Femme will offer sparkling wines exclusive to Delta, Tip Top Proper Cocktails will provide Delta commuters – on trans-oceanic routes – canned or old-fashioned margaritas, and Kona is a Big Wave Golden Ale brewer for domestic flights.

New snacks include whole-grain snacks flavored with cheddar, lemon, and coconut from Kate’s Real Food and for Delta One customers, even gourmet ice cream from High Road Craft. Product availability depends on routes, passenger class and availability.

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