USFL 2022: What to watch at Maulers vs. Bandits

by RJ Young
Sports writer FOX

As the opening American Football League It starts now, and I’m detailing one thing I’m looking forward to seeing from each of our first four week matches.

Here is a breakdown of Sunday’s competition between Kirby Wilson’s team Pittsburgh Mullers Haley wishes Tampa Bay banditsAnd that will be played in 8 p.m. ET Sunday on FS1.

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Pittsburgh Mullers: Does Wilson work by land and pound?

Kirby Wilson’s first match as prime time head coach was on Easter Eve Sunday on Fox. He told me that his wife and children would be in the stands at Protect Stadium to watch him line the sidelines against a familiar face-turned-enemy in Tampa Bay’s bandit coach, Todd Haley.

Wilson—who slipped into the position of true head coach, being a catalyst, moderator and mentor—committed to letting his team do their jobs. It doesn’t manage the minute details, it doesn’t call individual plays or manage substitutions. For a backyard coach in the NFL, this is not only a new area, but also a new testing ground.

Wilson told me he would draw heavily on what he learned from his 22 years as an assistant in the NFL, and made no secret that his team’s philosophy and attitude would resemble the city he represented. They will run the ball and emphasize fitness in the line of scrimmage with the former tail of the Big Ten Garrett Groshik (Wisconsin) And mother london (Michigan State).

“Talk is good, but playing is much better,” he said. “We want to play well. We want to play hard for four quarters so that our playmakers do their game – because they always do.

Defensively, the Maulers are likely to come out in a 3-4 chart, asking for an earlier defensive end for Michigan Carlo Kemp To help select a feature and antecedent Vanderbilt safety Arnold Tarpley To help keep a cover on the back end.

Defensively, when people watch us, I want them to say, ‘They’re not hitting themselves,’ Wilson said. “They run towards the ball like crazy. They keep the ball in front of them.” You can’t let the ball get thrown over your head.”

Crucially, the Maulers drafted perhaps the best USFL specialists in the former All-American gambler Max Duffy The Nevada kicker Ramiz Ahmed. In his two years as a wolfpack footballer, Ahmed scored 15 of his 20 field goals, only fouling once on kicks inside the 40-yard line.

Why the NFL was the best place for Kirby Wilson as a head coach

Why the NFL was the best place for Kirby Wilson as a head coach

Kirby Wilson talks with RJ Young about why he came out of retirement to coach the Pittsburgh Maulers in the USFL, saying it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Tampa Bay bandits: Ta’amu talent show?

when Jordan Tamo He was named No. 2 overall in the USFL Draft, and was overwhelmed with emotion. I spoke to him just moments after he walked off the podium at the Protection Club stadium, and I spoke to him about his journey through professional football.

Six weeks later, he looked shaky amid a light scuffle on Thursday. If it was his offensive line that distinguished him from the previous USC offensive line damien momcan give him time to throw, he will have speed in the field in the form of John Franklin III And Vinny Babali.

“He’s not the loudest, but he’s got the arm and the ability,” said coach Todd Haley. “He’s one of those guys to whom you might say, ‘Why isn’t he on the NFL team at least vying for a place on the roster?'” ” So [we’re] Really excited to have it. How you played everything is great. When you get the guy every other team wants, that’s a good thing, right? ”

I expect Ta’amu to threaten defenses with his ability to run. I’d be interested to see if the Maulers chose to spy on him in the season opener and how Haley and offensive coordinator Bob Saunders is adjusting to the kind of defense that Haley has become familiar with as offensive coordinator for Pittsburgh Steelers.

Why Todd Haley Is Good At Building A Winning Culture

Why Todd Haley Is Good At Building A Winning Culture

Daryl Johnston joins RJ Young to discuss why Todd Haley is such a good fit for the NFL, why he’s great at building a winning culture, and what he’s excited about seeing Haley do in Tampa Bay.

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