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Good Brian Connolly will be the best player for the Chevrus baseball team this spring. File photos.

coach bus: Tony DiBiase (second year)

2021 record: 13-6 (lost, 2-1, to eventual state champion South Portland in the Class A South semifinals)

The best returning players: Kevin Connolly (Large), Orion Gibbard (Large), Richie Trimble (Large), Brayden Watson (Large), Matt Connor (Junior), Brian Connolly (Sovomore), Chris Murphy (Snomore)

pivotal games: Apr 26 @ Gorham, Apr 28 @ South Portland, May 12 Falmouth, May 17 @ Thornton Academy, May 19 Scarborough, May 31 @ Portland


Coach’s Comment: “Last year we took a while to get off, and then we were really good. This year we were young and we lost two really good bowlers. We have to fill those positions, but our daily squad looks very good. Having an open course allows us to experiment. If We were able to move on, I think we will be good in the end. Hopefully we can reach the peak at the end of the season.”

forecast forecast: Cheveros saved his best from a year ago, reaching the semi-finals before losing to the eventual champions.

While it will be tough to replace Sam Clark and Nick Giancotti on the hill, Stags will turn to Brian Connolly (all-team star as a freshman after scoring 0.305 and making three saves), and Connor, Trimble and junior Jacob Loser to throw the lion’s share of the innings. Kevin Connolly, the captain, will be the catcher. He will play at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts next year. Connor will be on short hiatus when he’s not promoting. Connor hit 0.340 last season. Shivering, captain, he’ll be on the field when he’s not on the hill. Guibord, Captain, and Murphy will play corner positions. Watson, another captain, is at second base. Juniors Noah Kennedy Jensen and Peyton Mitchell will wrap up the field.

Stags aren’t too concerned about winning matches early in the season as they are steadily improving and gaining confidence. Last year’s recipe of giving their best to last will work very well for this team too and it wouldn’t be surprising if that’s exactly how things go.

soft ball


New bowler Ashley Connor could play a huge role in Chevros’ success this spring.

coach bus: Theresa Hendricks (4th year, overall record 16-35)

2021 record: 5-13 (lost, 8-2, to Marshwood in the Class A Southern Playoffs)

The best returning players: Olivia Bradford (Senior), Hayley Jordan (Senior), Caden Smith (Senior), Eddie Nadeau (Junior)

pivotal games: April 27 @ South Portland, April 29 Scarborough, May 4 Thornton Academy, May 6 @ Bedford, May 9 Wyndham, May 31 Portland


Coach’s Comment: “As a growing programme, we are very excited about this season. With a large group of passionate seniors and juniors and a lower tier crew bringing in a lot of softball talent, this will allow us to have a competitive season. There will be a new feel to the team this season with the transfer and starter additions. It would be great to watch the new group formation and growth together throughout the season.”

forecast forecast: It’s been an amazing school year for girls’ athletics at Cheverus and Hendrix has been a huge cause of coaching the field hockey team for its first state championship, then worked as an assistant on the girls’ basketball team who also brought home the Golden Ball for the first time. Now in her fourth season with the softball team, Hendrix is ​​putting the pieces in place for a true contender.

Freshman Ashley Connor will be looking to step in and make a major contribution to the pile. Bradford, the outstanding hockey player, is back behind the board and will see time in other locations as well. The pitch was pinned by veterans Nadeau at third base and Smith at Shortstop. Freshman Kali England will play first base and is another promising newcomer. Jordan, who helped Chevros win a basketball title last month, will be in the center of the field.

This team should show a huge improvement in the coming weeks, and by the end of the season it will be very difficult to get out. Running on the program’s first winning record since 2014 is sobering. The present is promising and the future is brighter for this programme.

Boys’ lacrosse


coach bus: Will Tuttle (second year)

2021 record: 6-8 (lost, 20-3, to Falmouth in the Class A North quarter-finals)

The best returning players: Aiden Barbera (large), Will Haley (large), Nico Nason (large)

pivotal games: Apr 22 @Portland, May 17 @Deering, May 20 WINDHAM

Coach’s Comment: “We hope to go further in the playoffs than we did last year. We have an older, experienced team. We like to get two numbers in the winning column, keep our goals against every game under 10, and clear the ball more than 80 percent of the time” .


forecast forecast: Cheverus is looking to continue his rise again to the top level for the Class A North teams and the pieces are in the right place to do so this spring.

Haley was the league’s first-team all-star last season and will direct the attack. Nason is a great midfielder, who will have a lot of confrontations (Emmet Schuele will also get a chance). Barbera, the 2021 All-Star star, walks into defense in front of either senior Matthew Bellantoni or freshman Charlie Magkowski, who were both vying for the goalkeeper’s place at press time.

Stags have talent and a convenient schedule. Look for this group to show incremental improvement and be very formidable at the time when the games are most important.

lacrosse for girls

Rhys Bellanger has had a strong freshman campaign for the Cheverus girls’ lacrosse team and will look to be a scoring force for the Stags this season.


coach bus: Sarah Varney (second year)

2021 record: 2-11 (lost, 15-1, to Windham in the Class A North quarter-finals)

The best returning players: Riley O’Mara (Senior), Claire Irons (Junior), Reese Bellanger (Sophomore), Mackenzie Cash (Junior)

pivotal gamesLake District: April 19, April 26, South Portland, May 3 Falmouth, May 12 @ Wyndham, May 18 Portland, June 1 @ Kennebank

Coach’s Comment: “A successful season for us is one in which our team maintains a positive environment and all team members trust and always support each other. If we create that culture and keep working hard on the basics, we will eventually have a successful season.”


forecast forecastCheverus 2021’s mark is underdog, with Stags incurring four losses with one goal, including one in overtime. In fact, they’ve been very competitive against a tough roster and with a bit of luck, they’ll be in for a big turnaround this spring.

Stags are back in prominence at O’Mara, who won 92 drag controls a year ago, was an SMAA Class A star and was Cheverus’ best offensive weapon. You will install the attack with the help of cache. Belanger, an honorable mention of an All-Star a year ago, who will also have some draws, and freshman Lucy Johnson, who has already dazzled this school year in hockey and ice hockey, will also be involved in the offensive case from her midfield position. . Iron is the best return defender. Stags will need to replace the left all-star goalkeeper Neve Cawley and will look to starters Elle Cooney or Meredith McKeeman to do so.

Cheverus is excited about a new season, and for good reason. Stags will score their share of goals and will feature strong players up and down the field. Some early success can be huge for confidence. This is going to be a fun squad to watch in the coming weeks.

outdoor track

coach bus: John Wilkinson (second year)


2021 results:

(Boys) 3rd @ Class Meet State
(Girls) tie v @ state meet class

The best returning athletes:

(Boys) Jesse Cadigan (Senior), Andrew Griffith (Senior), Frank Morang (Senior), Matthew Fogg (Junior), Brian Stark Chisa (Jr), Brendan Rogers (Junior)
(Girls) Liska Whitmarsh (Senior) and Annabelle Brooks (Junior)

Coach’s Comment: Both teams hope to qualify as many athletes as possible to meet the state. The boys team includes a large number of seasoned athletes and they look to be the best competitors. The girls team will be looking for as many of the best singles as possible and to maintain the positive chemistry we currently have.”


forecast forecast: Both outdoor teams at Cheverus used to be shortlisted for top contenders and that will be the case again in 2022.

The Morang boys, who not only came out of this year’s Winter Athletes campaign, but are also the state champions in the long jump and triple jump are back. Morang is also a top-tier player (he was third in the 110 outdoor hurdles last year). Griffiths is dynamic in the hurdles too (he placed sixth in the 300 hurdles last spring). He’d also be a threat at sprints, as would Fogg (who also jumps) and Rogers. Cadigan (6th in the 800 a year ago) led the way in the middle distance events and Stark-Chesa will compete in the mile and two.

On the girls’ front, program legend Victoria Bossong graduated and took her talents to Harvard, so a lot of points need to be redeemed, but this squad will hold their own in the league. This spring, Stags will be strong in the longer races, as freshman Annie Feig will compete in the 800, and Brooks (sixth in the mile last season) is a mile and two-mile veteran. On the field side, Whitmarsh hopes to score in the pole vault.

boys tennis

coach bus: Ben Putnam (5th year)


2021 record: 8-6 (lost, 3-2, to Falmouth, in the Class A South quarter-finals)

The best returning players: Paw Boy (Senior), Jackson Krieger (Senior), Oden Stroke (Senior), Jack Williams (Senior), Calvin Cutler (Junior), Anton Phoniak (Junior)

Coach’s Comment: “Most of the team is back, but almost everyone will play in a different position due to our first singles player graduating. If we can settle into our new positions, I think we will be able to compete in the league.”

forecast forecast: Chiveros will miss departing All-Star Evangelo Capothanasis, but is ready to set another impressive record and make the playoffs for the 21st consecutive season if all goes well.

Stags has experience at Bui, Krieger, Strock and Williams. Look to Behuniak and Cutler to play bigger roles this season. Must-watch newcomers include a pair of rookies, George Hughes and Eamonn Swift.


Cheverus will be brimming with the strongest teams in the league, but the regular season will be a good opportunity to improve and by some time after the season, Stags could be very dangerous.

girls tennis

coach bus: Jason Parault (7th year)

2021 record: 8-6 (lost, 5-0, to Kennebunk in the Class A South Quarterfinals)

highest return players: Paige Cutler (large), Kelly Gilstein (large), Sophia Theis (large)


Coach’s Comment: “Last year, our lineup was mostly made up of girls who had never played tennis before. This year, we’ve brought everyone back and added a few new athletes who will compete to be among our top seven. Our goal this season is to build on the year Past, continuing to play competitive tennis and improving throughout the season. If everyone stays healthy and focused, I feel we can put ourselves in the mix with some of the top teams by sometime after the season.”

forecast forecast: Cheverus has enjoyed 11 consecutive seasons of wins and playoffs and that number goes up to 12 this spring.

Cutler, Gleysteen and Thees all have experience and will be part of the singles mix, although the exact order has not been determined by press time. Junior Faith Majkowski is a newcomer who will step in right away and make an impact.

Stags hopes to amass some strong doubles teams as well, and if that happens, look for them to push the region’s elite teams by the time of the playoffs.

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