Watch MERCYFUL FATE Perform at Sweden Rock Festival 2022

Video made by fans of merciful fateThe entire June 10 concert in Swedish rock festival In Sölvesborg, Sweden can be found below. The influential Danish group Metallers of 11 included an all-new song, “Jackel Salzburg”which is expected to appear in merciful fateNext studio album, tentatively scheduled for 2023 via metal blade. Lyrically, the song is inspired by one of the last great witch hunts, the Zaubererjackl trials in Salzburg, Austria (1675-90). 139 people were executed as followers Magician Jackl or The magician Jack or Jacketwhich was not found is the same.

Join the confrontation team diamond king in merciful fateCurrent team lineup Hank Sherman on guitar Bjarne T. He did not on the drums Mike Wade on guitar and Joy Vera on bass.

setting menu for merciful fateconcert in Swedish rock festival:

01. Section
02. Jack Salzburg
03. a soulless corpse
04. black funeral
05. dangerous encounter
06. Melissa
07. Doomed by the living dead
08. The Curse of the Pharaohs
09. Evil
10. Come on Saturday


11. Devil fall

In 2019, it was announced vera will replace the original merciful fate Guitar player Timmy Hansen For the band’s appearance at the European Festival Summer 2020 because of HansenCancer diagnosis. Hansen He passed away in November 2019 and merciful fateSummer Festival 2020 appearances were initially rescheduled for 2021 before returning to 2022.

in Twitch Live broadcast a few days before the concert kicks off on June 2 in Hannover, Germany from merciful fate The rehearsals took place in Glostrup, Denmark, king He revealed that he and his bandmates were planning to release a new song at the 2022 shows. “We’re trying,” he said at the time. “We’re still working on a song. I wrote the last words the day we left [for rehearsals], I would say, and that was two days ago. So other people didn’t hear me sing the song at all. We played a few tracks of it yesterday. I didn’t sing to her at the time. but it’s coming [along] over here. In the next couple of days we’ll see where that leads us.”

Regarding the musical and lyrical content of the new merciful fate Song, king He said, “He’s a really beast, I’d say he’s about nine minutes long. So he’s not a little bit fast,” he said. [tune]. Hopefully we can play it. We will do everything we can to get it working. It has not yet been registered. So whatever version we might play for you can be changed before it’s actually fully registered. Some drums were recorded – that’s what I can say. But we will do our best to play it. We set it early from the set up. But that’s something we’re definitely looking forward to. Now we got to make it sound right, ’cause the early betas have a lot of things that create a certain mood in everything, which we just can’t do. [when we perform it]. The live version will be different. I can’t do the backing songs, of course, that are meant for the song. But that’s also a challenge, a straightforward version work, of course, [with the] audio lines. It will be fun. will be heavy. the topic very so heavy. We’re back in 1675 to 1690. That’s the part of history we’re describing – a bad piece of history. “

Back in October 2020, vera Tell Dead Rhetoric how he landed in merciful fate gig: “I’ve been with friends king For some time. armored saint toured with king back in 1988-89; We have been friends and label mates forever. Thus, he came to see me when I was on tour with Fate warning to support Queensrich In Dallas where he lives. Came to watch the show. [Metal Blade Records owner] Brian Slagel was in town. king He pulled me aside backstage and told me a story Timmy Had chemotherapy and booked a summer tour and wasn’t sure he would be well enough to do it. If not, would I consider stepping in and helping. Of course, I was amazed and honored, yes. I didn’t have anything else going on – it was supposed to happen this summer. for honor Timmy And to help them, thank you for my question. I was thinking in the back of my mind Timmy He’ll quit, he’ll have enough energy to make it. I was unfortunately wrong and that was devastating.”

two years ago, Sherman He confirmed that he was working on his first new music from merciful fate In more than two decades. At the time, he said of the writing process: “First of all, king Lives in Texas, USA. I live here north of Copenhagen, in Denmark. drummer [Bjarne T. Holm] Here too, so I work with him in the practice room to make up new songs. The other guitarist [Mike Wead] In Stockholm, Sweden, and our new instrumentalist [Joey Vera] It is located in Los Angeles. So it’s all [being done via] drop box or emails.

He continued, “I think there are six or seven [tracks that are] About to get ready. The first song was sent to king After it was mixed and played all the players on the song. So I sent the files to aerial In Los Angeles; He did the bass. Then I sent the same files to mike in Stockholm; He did his solo songs. and now king He has the first song, rating the songs to be added. And then we’ll rearrange certain parts to be twice the length and things like that. “

merciful fatelast studio album, “9”released in 1999.

merciful fate Her unquestioned mark in the history of metal will be remembered with her innovative sound, intricate arrangements, unforgettable melody and influence on the bands that later took the genre to new heights.

In the year 1998, Metallica Greeting for merciful fate By recording a mix of classics merciful fate Songs on the album “Garage Inc.” titled “merciful fate”included a variety of parts from Devil fallAnd the The Curse of the PharaohsAnd the “corpse without a soul”And the “in the camp” And the “Evil”.

Lars Ulrich From Metallica (Danish fellow) played the drums on a new version of merciful fate‘s “The Return of the Vampire” On the “in the shadows” The album was released in 1993.

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