Watch SKID ROW’s Pompano Beach performance from the 2022 ‘Live To Rock’ tour

Video made by fans of slippery gradeAn entire May 20 performance at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater in Pompano Beach, Florida can be seen below.

new slippery grade confrontation leader Eric Grunwall He joined the group in January as a replacement for the group ZP Theaterwho has been on the set for more than six years. the art Playing his last gig with slippery grade In February before the shoe was officially awarded.

in late March, slippery grade She released her first single with GrunwallAnd “It’s all here gang.”. The song is the main track for the band’s upcoming album, which will be out on October 14th via ear music.

slippery grade recorded most “It’s all here gang.” In Nashville, Tennessee with the product Nick Raskollinkswho has worked with him fu fightersAnd stone acidAnd HallstormAnd EvanescenceAnd Accelerates And Alice in chainsamong several others.

Grunwall He was a member of the Swedish band Hard Rock the heat With whom he recorded four studio albums – “Treatment of the Nation” (2012),“Knock Down the Walls” (2014),“Into The Great Unknown” (2017) and “HEAT II” (2020) – before exiting the group in October 2020.

Grunwall He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in March 2021. Six months later, he was declared cancer-free after undergoing a bone marrow transplant in August. He said, “A wonderful anonymous human being somewhere in the world donated his blood cells so that I could have a second chance at life.” Headbangers Lifestyle in january. “Sometimes, tears can roll into my eyes when I think about it. It’s so beautiful that one person not related to me in any way wanted to do it for me. He/she doesn’t know the blood cells were for me, it’s Completely unknown.”

last september, Grunwall He released his cover version of “18 and life” across all broadcast platforms.

in 2018, Grunwall It debuted in the United States with 10 million viewers on NBC. live broadcast Andrew Lloyd Webber‘sand Tim Ricemusical “Jesus Christ is a star”. along with john legendAnd Alice CooperAnd Sarah Bareilles and others, Eric Played the main role of Simon Zelots.

slippery grade Guitar player Rachel Pollan recently said collapse Detroit WRIF About a radio station GrunwallAdding to the band: “The way he does things and his work ethic is one I’ve never seen other than the four of us who are already in the band. He doesn’t stop until he gets things just right. Whether it’s his version, what he thinks is right, or what We think it’s true, he works really hard – he works hard. And you can see why he’s had the success he’s been doing abroad because he’s a really hard-working singer who takes care of his instruments and takes pride in his profession.”

Rachel Also reflected on slippery gradeFirst live performance with Grunwall, saying, “Honestly, dude, from the moment he opened his mouth… his timing is impeccable. We knew it was going to be great. And every show got better,” because we learn each other’s rhythm on stage. When did you say: I walked away from this show EricI go, that was the first show. I can’t wait to view a hundred. You will be amazing.”

Bolan I previously talked about how Eric came to join slippery grade During his appearance in the last episode of SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation LA Invasion”It was recorded just hours ago slippery gradeFirst performance with the Swedish artist. “We walked around together. the heat was on tour with slippery grade. What year was that? 18? “And we heard it every night from the dressing room,” he said. And a couple of times, I was, like, ‘Man, listen to this guy sing. He’s exceptional. And then, I forgot who, somebody who was with us, said, ‘Yeah, he won’ ‘Idol’ In Sweden.’ And I was, like, “Man, he’s got tubes.” And I was listening. Then I went behind the monitor panel a few times. And in my head, I’m, like, ‘Wow! When slippery grade Some time, I’ll reach out to this guy and start a side project with him. Obviously, this never happened. But with time we got to the point where we were ZP and stuff, Eric It was the first… I said snake, I go, “We have to check out this guy.” And along with snake And the rest of the guys, and our producer Nick, Nick Raskollinksshe was, like, ‘He’s the guy, the guy. Send him some songs. So we sent him some songs that we were recording, just with audio proof of them, and he came back about 24 hours later, and we were like, ‘Okay. It’s the guy. Get him on board.’ Plane. Let’s do it.'”

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