What are the health benefits of Pilates training?

You may know Pilates as an exercise program that provides long, lean muscles and an especially strong core. The program uses 50 different exercises to increase muscle strength and endurance, as well as improve balance, flexibility and posture, according to previous research.

“Pilates has a positive effect on the health of most of the voluntary muscles [skeletal muscles you control] of the body, mostly the larger muscles,” says Vedant Vaksha, MD, a spine surgeon with Full Orthopedics in Long Island, New York. “Helps stretch and strengthen the muscles of the forearm, arm, neck and back, hips, thighs and legs.”

But it can also provide some other lesser-known benefits, and ones you might not notice when you look in the mirror. Here are seven health benefits associated with Pilates.

1. Better balance, strength and flexibility for seniors

Because there’s such an emphasis on core work, Pilates exercises can help improve the body’s balance, says Dr. Vaksha.

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