What’s new in Pitt Football this summer?

Dion Hayes, John Morgan and Kaliga Kansi – along with the entire defensive line – wreaked havoc on Pete’s attack during Saturday’s spring game, so the offense wasn’t given much opportunity to shine. And if it was a clean day in the pockets of quarterbacks, Frank Cenetti Jr’s offense wouldn’t have left much.

Kedon Slovis said a percentage of the offense was not pinned, and Cignetti himself said nearly 80 percent after last Wednesday’s draft, but that pinning will continue through the summer as coaches take a step back and players put their heads together.

“Just keep pinning,” Nick Bate said. “I think we’re going to do well – in the summer it’s all player-managed so it’s just about making the players comfortable with all the things we’re doing. We have the insult, you guys didn’t see much of it today, you tried to do a lot of vanilla stuff for the spring game, but Just polish everything up and get ready.”

While the quarterback competition between Slovis and Patti will continue, this roster uncertainty hasn’t really stopped progressing as leaders in the locker room this spring. For Patti, it all depends only on trust.

“It’s really about confidence…I think it’s about confidence and comfort,” Patty said. “The guys are comfortable with me, they’ve been comfortable with me for a while, they see how I play and how I am as a person, and I think they gush into me and feel comfortable with who I am, so I’m using that as an opportunity to step up and get the best out of our guys.”

Patty said the link-building work really begins in the winter. When the season ends, the guys immediately get to work for the next season, and that was no different for Pete last winter. Consistency and offensive identity really start in the summer, but summer is where the timing really settles.

Slovis echoed Patti’s sentiments, speaking of the huge opportunity the entire summer presents in terms of building relationships with new players and strengthening bonds between those who were already there.

“I really think, in the lead up to spring, we did a lot,” Sloves said. “With the spring coming, that helped set the timing. But now that we know the offense – a lot of it is there, you may not have seen much, today, but a lot of it is. So during the summer, I think it’s huge for us to feel more comfortable with The receivers, all our quick calls, getting ready to line up, figuring out the details, all the last little details in this offense. For the summer we have all the time for the world to refine and improve and get the timing. That would be a huge aspect for us.”

While Patty has been around Pete for several seasons now, this is his first real chance of attacking the summer with a chance of being the first choice. Slovis, who has only been on the program since December, has a chance to continue working with the offense and double down on her learning.

Unlike other situations in college football, both Slovis and Patti have talked about excitement about the competition. Patty said he’s a competitor. Without anyone paying you for more, there is always a chance for complacency. With Slovis, Patti, and guys like Joey Yellen, Eli Kosanovich, Nate Yarnell, and Jake Frantl, Slovis said it’s a friends room.

It’s an interesting dynamic as competition gives birth to a friendship, which, again, can’t be found everywhere, but works for Pete. Another form of stimulus came on Saturday for Slaves, too.

With the 2021 ACC Championship episodes handed out to Pete prior to the spring game, huge, sparkling rocks were awarded to all of Pete’s players last season, Slovis was unable to participate in the festivities. That was additional motivation.

“Coach Underwood and I were sitting next to each other and saying, ‘We need to get one for ourselves. “It’s great, the energy is great,” Sloves said. “These guys are excited. But the thing is, we’re not satisfied with that. We are getting better. We will strive for bigger and better things. That’s the mentality of heroism, that’s what we have here.”

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