When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12 Review: Rock, A Bye, Baby

What a wonderful ending!

When Calls the Heart Season 9, Episode 12 delivered the best that Hope Valley could offer.

Thank God, because as of this writing, the show has not yet been renewed.

And frankly, it is disturbing that it has not been refurbished. They usually do this during a live show, so I keep my fingers crossed.

But I often get the news in advance so we can publish it as soon as the news is shared. This did not happen.

While I fully expect a renewal of WCTH by publishing this article, this wouldn’t be the worst place for the story to end.

You have completed the circle from all angles.

Coal Valley shook to its core when we first rode into town, and now, thanks to Henry Gwen, everyone can rest in peace for a little while longer.

Three Cheers - When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12

Henry wore the tiara to the men who were lost in the mining disaster. He was one of them, and they trusted him to do what was right for society.

But it’s not easy to whistle at the company you work for, and even harder to make changes when your pleas go unheeded.

We watched Henry fight like hell during Season 9 of When Calls the Heart to make sure the mine didn’t reopen, and if it did, all safety precautions were taken.

But the men who ran it did not change, and Henry’s only hope of putting an end to the town’s misery was to blow it to shreds.

Now, the people who blamed him again are finally seeing the man who became Henry instead of the man they thought Henry was. Was there a dry eye in the house when he was greeted with applause as he arrived in town across the back of the Monti drilling rig?

Appreciated sharing - When the Heart Calls Season 9 Episode 12

Even the officers who were transporting him thanked him for a pleasant trip. This is the man Elizabeth has always known, and it’s exciting to finally see others too.

Bill: You could have given me some warning.
Henry: I didn’t know there was any kind of self-proving etiquette.

It seems impossible for Henry to get past a prison sentence for his actions, but his heart is now so full that he doesn’t have to worry about it.

He asked Joseph to help him in prayer, and this scene reminds us how important it is to have the ability to practice your faith.

In the wake of the disaster, all hope came from within, and it was a relief to let Joseph guide them when Canfields came to town.

Redemption of any kind has its costs. I knew it when I made the decision to do what I had to do. But I am not a hero. Cleaning up clutter is not the work of heroes.


Florence even apologized to Henry and thanked him for what he had done to save Hope Valley from yet another disaster. It’s scenes like this that make When The Heart Call TV a must-watch.

Making Adjustments - When the Heart Calls Season 9 Episode 12

We all love romance, of course, but the deep bonds between the people in Hope Valley are the real draw.

And if we’re looking for the best player in the final, it’s Martin Cummins, who was amazing as he conveyed Henry’s raw feelings through this entire story.

If he says goodbye, he will be missed.

Another touching story is Bell’s realization that life is not eternal on this earth, and that perhaps he should take better care of himself.

And if he can’t do it, he puts his affairs in order, asking Elizabeth to be in charge of her in case anything happens.

Cause for Concern - When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12

His illness made Molly pause, too. She kept telling herself that they were just friends, but they both wanted something more from life. Why are they holding back?

Faith blocks her feelings for Nathan because she is ashamed of her feelings for a patient.

Faith: Molly, I have a confession.
Molly: About Nathan?
Faith: Was that obvious?
Molly: No, but I carried a torch so I could know all the signs.
Faith: I became interested in Nathan more than just as a friend. It started right after the accident.

She must mean in the sense that she fell in love with him because of the amount of time they spent together after the accident. She can’t generally mean it because that means she’ll never fall in love.

The whole town is her patient, and the suggestion that she can’t fall in love with one of them is a stretch too far.

Of course, as soon as Mei began to see the light, she returned to the city. But the conversation Mai had with Nathan led me to believe that they would just be friends.

Sharing a special time together - When the Heart Calls Season 9 Episode 12

Faith does not know this, and it will be another obstacle on the way to a love that may last a long time.

Look at all the obstacles that were in the way between Lucas and Elizabeth. It took courage to put themselves out there, and they are now reaping the rewards.

Lucas went to think, and Elizabeth was so secure in their love that she did not need to read the letter he had left her.

Elizabeth: You know, I never opened your letter.
Lucas: I had to explain where I was going and why.
Elizabeth: I had a feeling I knew what he said. You’ve been blaming yourself for any danger you might have caused to Jack and I with Walden, and you’ve been doing the same about a potentially reopened mine, and with the oil company being sold, you’ve been feeling unsure of what to do next.
Lucas: I knew all of that without reading the letter. Next time, I’ll just save the stationery.
ELIZABETH: When I asked you if for some reason you had changed your mind about us, about our future together, I doubted what I knew about you, and realized that I had no need to doubt you at all.
Lucas: Well, I feel the same way about you, but thank you for the reminder.
Elizabeth: To me, you are not what you do, nor are you the sum of your possessions. Even if you go back and all this is gone, burned in the fire, there will still be love.
Lucas: It makes me the richest man alive.

This is so beautiful and proves that their love will last. They give each other some breathing space, and many relationships never reach that level of comfort.

It was especially interesting for Nathan to go check on Lucas for Gustav at Elizabeth’s urging. He taunted her that she was the one who wanted him to go, but she remained firm. She didn’t need to know, but Gustav was very worried.

As you know, she could do much worse than marry Bouchard. Try not to lose him like you lost me.


Beautiful Day - When the Heart Calls Season 9 Episode 12

Lucas: You know, I’m a bit of a foodie.
Nathan: That’s a junior mistake, not packing enough supplies.
Lucas: Well, I was just packing one bag.

The friendship between Lucas and Nathan develops into the male version of Elizabeth and Rosemary’s friendship.

It wasn’t easy for Rosemary to admit that although she had a brave face, she was struggling with the possible news of her pregnancy.

They did what all good friends do in times of trouble, stealing a pregnancy book to conduct a simple internal investigation into her symptoms.

Doing so is no better than searching for your health symptoms on Google, so Faith Rosemary gave a summary of what to expect.

Wouldn’t it be great to raise a child in the Valley of Hope?


Meanwhile, she and Lee were talking about his offer, and that discussion fell into their laps as she felt the shiver of life inside her.

Amazing Surprise - When the Heart Calls Season 9 Episode 12

It is a very early period of her pregnancy, but she will carry this baby until the end of the pregnancy. If WCTH writers don’t care about that, I’ll start writing my own fan fiction. No couple has been worthy to share their life with a child like Lee and Rosemary.

Lee: I don’t understand.
Rosemary: You will be a father, and I will be a mother.

They will be great parents!

Lucas: Elizabeth, I wasn’t sure you were all that mattered, and I know you’re the one I’ll love forever. I could never desire anything greater than to be the person you love forever in return. So, if you will excuse me, allow me to be the father of your son and agree to be my wife. Elizabeth, will you marry me?
Elizabeth: Yes. Yes to all of this.

So will Elizabeth and Lucas. Lucas worked with Jack to surprise Elizabeth with a very personal and family-oriented engagement.

Jack: Did we do it, my friend?
Lucas: We definitely did.
Jack: Yes!
Lucas: Come here, you.
Elizabeth: Thanks for your help!

This is a whole lot of good news for the end. but that is not all. Here’s more:

  • Mike really quit his job as mayor. I’m kind of surprised.
Elizabeth and Lucas - When the Heart Calls
  • Minnie and Joseph had the best outing fighting the wind, which reminds me of when Elizabeth and Lucas rained during Season 8 of When Calls the Heart.
  • Rosemary was good at talking to Elizabeth not to publish a story that would be hurtful in any way, so she withdrew the article on Henry at his request.
  • Allie is ready to work on Nathan’s love life again. Do you think she will push for Faith or Mai?

Well, hearts! What do you think of the final?

Hit the comments below to talk it all up and remember that you can watch When Calls the Heart online if you missed any of it!

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