Why solo travel is now the number one trend for Covid travel

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Now that Covid is finally under control and more countries are feeling the momentum to reopen their doors to tourism, International travel is back in force. Traveler numbers for 2022 have already (far) surpassed the past two years, and amid that rise are some interesting travel trends emerging: The growing fascination with solo travel is one of them.

Young female traveler walking down a street in Spain, single travel concept

The darkest days of Covid may already be over, but judging by the latest stats about remote work, a few “temporary” adjustments in the pandemic era may be permanent. Because it is an essential part of life, Travel reflects those changes in behaviorAnd we may continue to see the revival of once-latent tendencies.

why then Solo travel group for global domination In the coming months?

The world has changed forever – international travel too

Young man looking at his phone while enjoying a landscape at undisclosed location in Asia

While solo travel has been around for years, being the central concept around which an entire global community of travelers revolves, It only really gained momentum recently. More specifically, until the outbreak of the pandemic, social restrictions affecting daily life were introduced, and our lives were completely turned upside down.

Long daily commutes are a thing of the past, Relationships moved onlineAnd our entire understanding of routine, including work, suddenly changed. We have had to spend more time with ourselves, especially those who live alone and/or live alone in big cities, and we don’t have easy access to the support system.

A male passenger wears a face mask in the New York metro during the COVID-19 pandemic

Being forced to spend “a lot of time alone” can be especially challenging, especially when lockdowns and social restrictions are enforced, but It also enhances self-knowledge It has the potential to radically change one’s perception of the “quality of time”. After all, we don’t need to be with our friends, family or loved ones all the time to fully enjoy ourselves.

This includes travel.

Individual travel reflects the new traveler profile after Covid

Map and backpack sitting on the floor of a train station, backpacking travel concept

According to the assessment of Solo Traveler World, a website that specializes in this category, 77% of people travel alone because they want to “see the world” rather than “wait for others.” in addition to, They want to do what they want whenever they wantThey are generally interested in meeting new people and ‘personal growth’, such as being ‘free’ and ‘independent’.

for many, Traveling alone is a big step to take: Especially when it comes to foreign destinations, there is anxiety about getting on a plane alone, or traveling to a whole new country where you don’t speak the local language, or understand local customs, and Old social stigma Makes you think of yourself as “alone”.

A tourist with a hat carrying a backpack while wandering the streets of Signagi, a small town in the country of Georgia, located in the Caucasus

Worry is okayAnd, in fact, this is to be expected when we talk about international travel. No matter how good your plan is, there’s always something going to go wrong, whether it’s due to flight delays or annoying tourist scams. But this is still Every part of the experienceIt’s the highs and lows that help you grow as an independent traveller.

As for the “only” part, It couldn’t be further from the truthTraveling with partners and/or friends can be fun, and this is definitely the time when some of the best memories are made. However, traveling alone can be just as exciting: there’s nothing better than landing in another city, a city you’ve never been to, and realizing that you to be discovered.

Traveling alone is an act of self-love

Young male tourist photography, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

solo travel Empowerment And she’ll make you see the world in a way you wouldn’t if she was in a group. It is pure and simple, the act of self-love. However, there are many different profiles of solo travellers, and we shouldn’t mistake those involved in the solo travel surge as a homogeneous group.

Some people are simply looking for New ‘firsts’ When embarking on a trip on their own, new offerings like Oceania Cruises can provide just that. These travelers are more comfortable booking independent vacations lately, eager to see the world after being confined to their rooms for an unbearable two years.

Happy young couple travelers studying a map while driving during a road trip

On the other hand, there are those who have joined the more dedicated community of travelers, which continues to attract millions of devotees around the world: The nomadic digital way of life. These are the travelers who make a living by working remotely as they travel around the world. Needless to say, in the wake of the Covid crisis, this was an incredibly attractive prospect.

Are digital nomads driving the solo travel boom?

Woman relaxing with digital disc under blanket, Digital Nomad

Digital nomads can usually be found in the nearest coffee shop or co-working space, and they are not interested in identifying as many countries out of the group list as possible in the shortest possible amount of time. They are slow-paced travelersAnd they generally have a preference for exploring completely new countries while working in more beautiful/relaxing places.

A number of countries have recognized Priceless effect These backpackers enjoy their local economies and have rolled out a specific residence permit, titled Digital Nomad Visa, which allows them to stay longer rather than move the country over and over due to restrictive tourist visa rules.

Couple spending time at Ulun Datu Bratan Temple in Bali, Indonesia

Some places like Bali Even allowing Bedouins to live there for up to five years without paying any form of local tax. Select countries in Europe, a continent known for its strict laws on immigration and taxation, have jumped on the shopping cart and opened the doors to Digital Nomads under more flexible entry regimes, such as Croatia, Italy and Malta.

In total , 45 countries have introduced a form of Digital Nomad visaafter increasing the number of remote workers by another 15% in 2021. According to other recent statistics, there are 6 million digital nomads in the US now compared to the pre-pandemic age (11 million in total), and worldwide the number is already infected 35 million.

Remote worker in Indonesia, digital visa concept for nomads

It is estimated that 36% of Digital Nomads use home rental platforms such as AirBnB, and while the exact percentage may vary depending on the study, the platform itself confirmed bookings made by single travelers now at 26% of total bookings. more important, More than half of all long-term stays were made by single travelers.

You’ve got our point: solo exploration has never been more fashionable across all age groups and socioeconomic segments. The question is: Is it the right move? for you?

Everyone should travel alone at least once in their life

Young passenger waiting for her plane to take off while watching planes take off from the boarding gate window, international travel concept

We strongly believe that everyone should make at least one major journey, on their own, to try and do it Get out of their comfort zones They see the world through their own unique perspective; Not having someone they know to rely on when facing challenges along the way, and knowing what to make of they More thrilled about traveling.

At the same time, we understand Some people may not be ready to take advantage of the most adventure side now. Living for two years in a bleak reality can leave you horrified, and now that it’s all over, spending time with your loved ones and sharing the joys of traveling together again might seem like the right thing to do. And the That’s totally fine too.

Happy young tourist standing in front of Hadrian's Gate in Antalya, Turkey

Solo travel isn’t going anywhere, and all of these amazing new features designed specifically for solo adventurers will still be there when you decide to give it a turn. For now, no matter what your travel style, just make sure you head there now that Big C is finally defeated, and Create some great memories – some Your own.

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