Why tech companies, even if they are B2B, should stop ignoring Instagram

I don’t think anyone needs to convince that https://www.inc.com/hillel-fuld/why-ive-grown-to-love-linkedin-why-you-should-too.

However, what some people may not get is that just because you are a B2B company, or even a startup, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore platforms that may seem less relevant to your specific business; Especially Instagram.

Here are five reasons why you should take advantage of Instagram as part of your overall social media strategy.

Showcase your company culture.

It’s no secret that company culture has become one of, if not the most important thing of all, when hiring talent. Senior engineers, for example, will not join your company because you gave them more than the next company by a thousand dollars. The most talented engineers want two things when joining a company: technical challenge and a great company culture.

Nothing says “come and work for us” better than happy employees and a good company in general.

It’s now true that you can show your company culture on other platforms as well, but whether it’s a company of websites, happy hours, or any other corporate event, the best way to show what it’s like working with you is on the world’s leading visual platform, Instagram.

Highlight your employees.

After talent acquisition, the second biggest challenge for most companies today is employee retention. There are never enough engineers and there is endless demand, which means that your employees are constantly contacted with different opportunities.

Now don’t get me wrong. If your employees are not happy and you don’t treat them well, this strategy won’t help you. But imagine if your marketing department highlights an employee on the company’s Instagram account once a week.

A picture of the person and a few paragraphs about what makes them unique. How do you think this will make that employee feel? The reason this works better on Instagram than other platforms is the visual nature of the platform or otherwise said, people like to see their faces.

Make your product accessible to new audiences.

This point is a bit controversial, but while your primary target audience may not be on Instagram, don’t forget that the younger generation who is trending on Instagram may soon become your target audience.

Even if not, you simply never know who will encounter your brand on Instagram and what that random encounter might lead to.

I’ll give you this. If you’re very limited in marketing resources and your target audience is a CTO, Instagram probably isn’t your number one platform, but as you scale your marketing efforts, remember that there are plenty of opportunities on Instagram. You simply never know.

Let your existing content go further and wider.

Here’s a tip that many marketing professionals overlook. Each blog post can also be multiple tweets. Each podcast episode can also be multiple Facebook posts. And each video can have multiple Instagram posts.

Each piece of content can be forwarded on different platforms. So instead of getting a hundred readers for your article, take the same article and extract some good quotes. Then design a cute flyer with this quote and post it on Instagram. In this way, I got 100 readers of the post and more Instagram followers for the company.

Give your audience a visual stage.

This point is crucial. Instead of trying to sell your product to a potential investor or partner, how about giving them a stage, which in turn will strengthen the relationship with them?

Whether it’s an interview with this person, a list where you include that person, or a simple feature on social media, everyone has an ego and when that ego hits, everyone is happy.

As we said above, people love to see their faces, so try to highlight a current or potential partner in your company’s Instagram account, which requires little effort, and notice how happy they are.

Businesses need to prioritize, and it is true that Instagram may not be as right for you as LinkedIn, but don’t write off Instagram so quickly because it may present you with some great opportunities in the future.

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