WNBA Draft: Behind the scenes with Ryan Howard’s #1 pick

NEW YORK – As Ryan Howard waited for the 2022 WNBA draft to begin, her stomach began to hurt. She said the same to her mother, RJ Avery, who asked her daughter to hold her hand and begin to breathe deeply. Avery repeated “Enter and Exit”.

The exercise did little to calm Howard’s nerves.

At 7:12 p.m. ET, surrounded by Avery, her brother Rashawn, and Kentucky coach Kyra Elsie, Howard learned she would be the first pick in the draft, which belongs in a dream. She approached the stage and posed for a photo with WNBA Commissioner Kathy Engelbert. Then I started rocking, and I did that, Howard says, “so you can’t see how much I’m actually shaking.”

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