wrist watch analysis

Wristwatches have more than one pick and wear. It reflects a person’s personality in many ways.

The universe was created at one time. It continues until an unknown time in the future. Time is the only thing we have, no matter when we were born. Between the time we are born and until death, the things that happen are related to the things we do in our time. Time and space are something that cannot be removed from our lives.

Furthermore, masculine energy embodies our physical side, while feminine energy represents our emotional side. In terms of time and space, masculine energy can be attributed to the physical world. Our emotions and thoughts are attributed to the feminine energy. Therefore, everything in the universe is in constant motion. reflected in each other.

Wristwatch analysis provides in-depth knowledge of time management and decision-making. It helps in our journey to live an informed and productive life.

Left and right hands

The hand on which the watch is worn is also important. Our dominant hand is connected to the brain. Culturally, the right hand is more focused on doing things like eating or shaking hands, and the fact remains that there is no hard and fast rule about which hand we will be comfortable using in our work. The left has the dominant left side, while the right has the right dominant side. As per the research, the left side is the emotional side, while the right side is the technical side.

The creative and emotional left side of the brain is associated with feminine energy. These people communicate better with the ladies in their lives. Their thoughts are related to their feelings at the time or the emotional response that the action will elicit.

The logical right side associated with thinking and action has a masculine energy. These people are comfortable with the men in their lives. It is a dominant force in their daily work and is action oriented. Their thoughts focus on what can be done in the present to move forward in the future.

And there will be some people who wear their watch with both hands and can switch as needed. They are assumed to be moody people who face the best and worst of both hands. The attraction and conflict of masculine and feminine energies is always present.

Many were seen wearing watches on their left wrist. In fact, many people were right-handed and working with their right side. They left the left hand to tell the time as needed. Thus, the watch’s wear and tear are reduced, thus keeping it safe.

Although there is no hard and fast rule in this regard, one can change your personality by choosing the hand to wear the watch. For example, alternating the hand on which a person wears the watch can show changes within three to six months. Thus, if you have a problem with someone in life, intentionally choosing a wrist to wear the watch can have an effect.

If you have a problem with a man’s personality, bring about the change by wearing the watch on the right hand for a few months to notice the change. With issues with a woman’s figure in life, wearing the watch on the left side for a few months can do the trick.

Even after a few months, if the changes don’t show, it’s time to get a new watch.

Port shape

The shape of the ports is also a reflection of who you are.

round disc

The most universal form symbolizes simplicity and purity and is close to perfection. These people are idealistic, principled, punctual, and committed to everything related to life. Being organized and meticulous is essential. Unfortunately, they expect others to be the same around them.

square order

Although they are perfect, people who wear square watches do not want others to be the same. These individuals prefer to improve themselves with exemplary behavior. This healthy behavior can also make them rigid and emotionless in their approach to life.

Rectangular dial

Rectangular ports are of two types – a horizontal rectangle and a vertical one.

A person with a vertical rectangular dial is fast and prefers a healthier life. These restless souls always need something to do, and they hold promises but are low on delivery. Long term relationships or work is their problem. There is never a dull moment around them.

Opposite it with horizontal rectangular discs. They hold back to the point that they are lazy, they do not make too many promises, because they prefer to do one thing at a time. This also makes them stick to relationships and people better.

Rectangular enamel has a square shape with rounded edges around the corners. Those who wear such a dial are quite determined, flexible, loyal, hardworking and do their best to understand the other person. Such resolute and merciful people are a blessing.

oval dial

Oval discs feature a horizontal or vertical pattern. But they have feminine energy.

Those who wear a vertical ellipse can be selfish by nature. It can resonate with them. Therefore, they think twice before they put their weight on anything. They are also energetic people who like to get things done and mark their to-do lists.

Horizontal dial personnel care about the dominant aspect. Less agile, it’s also protective. They are incredible with hand-eye coordination and are huge at sports.

pistol disc

Those who have hexagonal dial watches have excellent chakra and are family members. Although they are caring for their loved ones and clients, they can please people which may put pressure on them.

Individuals who wear horizontal hexagonal disc watches have an emotional and democratic side. They are willing to listen and accept the other side. This makes them great for creating and maintaining links. Practically speaking, these guys are great at work because they keep everyone’s interests in mind.

The vertical hexagon dial is dictatorial in nature. Although it is fast, it is less emotional and more reasonable minded. But they turned out to be talented.

octagonal disc

Contact persons are multi-talented and well rounded appraisers. However, they deal with stress and turmoil due to the same thing. These respected workaholics naturally make a lasting first impression. They seem to live life the size of a king. But only they know the underlying pressures.


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