travel speed | Rafia Zakaria

travel speed |  Rafia Zakaria

They are back. The loud-speaking Americans in shorts who flock to tourist destinations are back to be waited on by others less fortunate. Walk around the boarding area of ​​any budget airline and you can see it in action: neon shirts, slippers, and the raucous protests of wayward children. Their presence is kind of intrusive, … Read more

How ‘tourism concerns’ pave the way for sustainable travel

How ‘tourism concerns’ pave the way for sustainable travel

As the world emerges from the pandemic, travelers, and thus the travel industry, are increasingly interested in ways to turn travel into a force for good. Perhaps it is the fact that the entire world has passed a common crisis, or that climate change is nearing a point of no return, after which the repercussions … Read more

Air travel trends on the go

Air travel has been in the crosshairs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s low bookings, new airline ticket change policies or federal transit mask mandates, airlines and their passengers have been hit by a series of disruptive events that have changed the air travel experience. We know where we have been during the worst of … Read more

Steve and Marjorie Harvey finish buying The Rock Ranch

Television host, writer, producer, comedian and actor Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie have completed their 1,581-acre Rock Ranch purchase and will reopen it in the near future. The sale, which has long been rumored, was completed this week. From Steve and Marjorie Harvey announced that they have completed their acquisition of The Rock … Read more

Single hitter Trumbull, solo drives Oregon past Rock Falls in regional championship – Show Local

Rock Falls – Oregon ice pitcher Mia Trumbull has delivered in big games all season. At the Class 2A Rock Falls Regional Championships Friday night against Rock Falls, she put in another impressive performance, throwing a one-stroke by eight strokes and not walking into a 6-0 win. “It feels great,” Trumbull said of the progress … Read more

Mobile passport is available for your travel needs

When our government actually does something really good, I never understand why it is being kept such a secret! With many of you going abroad in the next couple of months, I wanted to make sure you didn’t leave town without this travel agent’s 101 advice: the mobile passport has been turned on again at … Read more

Trips that provide ‘human contact’ will replace regular business trips as workers spread across the US — but graduates can be sidelined, experts say

Business travel is a fraction of pre-pandemic rates, and it will be different upon return.Savannah Door / Inside Companies are dispersing their employees while reducing business trips. Younger workers, who are more eager to travel, are more likely to miss the opportunity to travel for work. Experts say the new style of travel will focus … Read more